Ann Romney Plastic Surgery Before And After

Ann Romney Plastic Surgery

Ann Romney, A Beautiful Old Face and How She Made It

Ann Romney is the first Lady of Massachusetts as she is the wife of Mitt Romney, the politician and American Businessman. Mitt Romney was a presidential candidate from the Republicans and became the governor of Massachusetts.

Ann Romney was born on April, 16 1949 in Detroit. It means she was 66 years old right now. Publicly, many knew her as not only the first lady of Massachusetts but also as the mother of five sons and the grandmother of twenty-two grandchildren.

Despite her age, people have been attracted by her appearance which seems to defy aging. Some speculations appeared about the reason of her ageless condition. The strongest prediction was that she had done some plastic surgery procedures.

People at her age would have visible wrinkles and saggy skin, but it didn’t happen to Ann Romney. She still has her face taut and wrinkle-less. More than that, her face looks smooth without any blemishes. It was strongly assumed that she had the Botox treatment for her face and got her face lifted by some procedures to expel the sagged skin that might have set in her age.

It was the usual thing that the people at her age got a tapering on their cheeks but Ann Romney didn’t get it. She might have injected fillers to some part of her face to keep off from tapering.

Ann Romney might have done chemical peels, laser treatment and more. It kept fine lines from appearing on her face and prevented the change of her skin color. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and smoke could be the healthy lifestyle which helped her, but as the years went by it was impossible for the people in the same age like her to have the same face like they had before.

If this rumor was true, her fame and activities in the public favor could be the reason of her choice to do plastic surgery. As the wife of a famous politician, it became her obligation to maintain her elegant appearance in public. Not the only from her style, but also from her face. Her contributions in her husband’s campaign in 2008 and 2012  require her to look more confident to attract public attention.