Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tom Hanks Pl

Tom Hanks and His Long-lasting Handsomeness

Being a multi-talented actor with numerous successful achievements since young didn’t make Tom Hanks immune to aging. At 59 years old, it’s a right time for him to think more about his appearance. Some pictures in his young, middle and recent age has aroused speculation that he had done some procedures to keep himself young and handsome.

Tom Hanks has never given any confirmation to deny this issue, but Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon as reported by Makemeheal ever gave his speculation about the plastic surgery that might be done by Tom Hanks. The doctor supposed that Tom Hanks has got Botox for his face, fillers injection, and hair restoration.

We can take a glance look to both two pictures above. The first picture was taken when he attended the 7th Annual Premiere Woman in Hollywood as reported by Zimbio. The second picture was captured by Getty in February 2015. By those two pictures we can take a conclusion that the smoothness of his skin did change significantly after fifteen years.

As It is impossible for a man to have the same wrinkle-less face in his 50’s years, this raised the assumption that Tom Hanks has got Botox for his face. It has kept his face flawless and delicate as it is. His face probably also got rejuvenated by the work of fillers injection.

This speculation was also being reinforced by Dr. Paul Nassif, a doctor and surgeon from Beverly Hills. He had the same opinion that Hanks had got fillers injection and Botox for his face.

Another speculation arisen from Dr. Paul Nassif is a possible hair restoration treatment done by Tom Hanks. He said that It is a possibility, but It’s not an easy thing to confirm this suspicion without any knowledge about Hanks’ hair history.

Looking into his tight skin in his 50’s age, we also can make our own speculation that he had done a facelift to avoid the sagging of his face. Some chats in forum discussions said the same. One of them is posted at It said that she watched Hanks in Grammy Awards and Hanks didn’t look the same. Another one said that he watched Hanks in another scene and felt weird about his unusual face for his age. It reinforced the belief that facelift procedure had been done by Tom Hanks to avoid looking like what a normal 50 year old man should.

Whatever it is, it is Hanks’ own choice to keep his face rejuvenated and eye-cached. As a public figure he had to maintain his appearance to let people love him not the only for his awesome talent, but also for his adorable face. So we should respect his decision to stay youthful.