Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Before and After



Eva Mendez’s mate, Ryan Gosling, is a multitalented on-screen character who holds many positions such as screenwriter, maker and executive. The Canadian performer has attract a lot of attention to his looks recently. His appearance often gets to be THE hot subject in infotainment.

If you examine Ryan Gosling’s face intently, you can figure out which parts of his face has undergone plastic surgery. Obviously his nose appears to be changed. The nose in his older picture is not as straight as present one. Looks like he performed a procedure on his nose.


Of late, Ryan Gosling’s nose appears to be more pointed. Also, the scaffold nose is straighter than before. It shows that perhaps Ryan Gosling has experienced rhinoplasty. Indeed, even plastic surgery specialists affirm that Ryan Gosling’s nose has changed, in spite of the fact that the change is unobtrusive. As they would like to think, the on-screen character may experience nose job. Then again, a few individuals say that the diverse state of his nose is simply impact of the light or photography.

So what do you think after looking at the pictures?