Kristen Wiig Plastic Surgery Before And After



Kristen Wiig is a multitalented on-screen character who is otherwise called actress, entertainer and film maker. The suspicion on plastic surgery stems from the fame she has. Kristen Wiig has been nominated for the Emmy Awards 7 Times! And the latest news is that she is hanging out with her “GhostBustuers” cast friends. Though there are many stories circling around her facial features, plastic surgery remains just a gossip.

But if you look closer at her face in pictures taken in this year and previously, you will see that her nose have changed in appearance. In the latest picture, her nose is smaller and more pointed. The old picture demonstrates that her nose was wide with level extension.



In light of this observation, it is possible that Kristen Wiig has undergone rhinoplasy. Though never confirmed, the nose is the part of the body that does not undergo much changes as a person age. Furthermore, Kristen Wiig is still considered young at age 42. The shape of her nose could not possibly change that much at a young age. Such drastic change is only possible with the intervention of plastic surgery. But nobody will know what happened except for Kristen Wiig herself. But hey, she still looks very pretty doesn’t she?