Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Rumors

Tara Reid plastic surgery outcome may not be the best in the world but it definitely has become a hot topic for botched jobs, think Robin Mcgraw and Kenny Rogers. Celebrity watches, gossip writers and experts have spoken out regarding Tara Reid cosmetic surgery. Many fans believe that Tara Reid should never have gone for plastic surgery as she already had a nice perfect body with small boobs.

Tara Reid plastic surgery before and after photos

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But perhaps Tara Reid wanted to improve her looks further, like getting a six pack abs through plastic surgery. But she became a victim of bad plastic surgery.

An American Pie star, Tara Reid has got a few mishaps with plastic surgery. Most notable disaster were the belly scars visible when she wear bikinis. “I had body contouring, but it all went wrong,” she said on The View. “My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.” But she went on a surgery to correct that and posed for Playboy Magazine in 2009 to flaunt a flawless belly.

Tara Reid has always been the center of attention due to her enhancements to a drooping bust line. And she also realised that her breasts were too small. So, she decided to go the route of breast enhancement through surgery. Obviously she has got a boob job or breast enhancements. The before and after photos show remarkable differences in her breast shape. And her skinny body seems to struggle to support the oversized boobs.

There were suggestions that her smoking habit has contributed to the bad breast augmentation surgery. Because healing of breast implants need ample oxygen, her smoking habit might have deprived the recovery process of oxygen.

She reportedly showed off badly done breast augmentation. Her boobs looked uneven and she had to undergo corrective surgery to fix them. Many joked that the surgery failed because it was done on a budget.

Even her liposuction plastic surgery was a flop. The scars present on her tummy made her look years older. Saggy lumpy skin, together with surgical scars really made her look worse after the plastic surgery.

Tara Reid had this to say about her plastic surgeries “the mental and physical pain I went through after surgery was horrific. I went through two years of living in denial and everyone saying how bad my body was.”

She also defended her petite size, “I laugh when people say I starve myself, it’s almost ridiculous, I love food. Being thin is in my genetics, it’s not my fault I’m this size,” Reid insists.

“I have a really fast metabolism. People get mad that I’m so thin but there’s nothing I can do about it. My weight hasn’t fluctuated in years!”

“I’m petite and I’ve always been this way. I don’t pig out on cupcakes every day, but I love making Italian dishes like Parmesan chicken and lasagna.”

“I’m not going to deprive myself of a burger and fries.”

Tara Reid Corrects Bad Plastic surgery scars

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Fast forward to 2015 and it looks all good for Tara Reid plastic surgery again. She appeared at a charity event in Santa Monica California and her tummy looks like its smooth and nice, though still covered partly by her white top.

Though she once told People magazine that going for plastic surgery to correct her tummy was like experiencing a plane crash and taking a plane again, she seems to have overcome that fear. And she has put the partying life behind her and stay sultry still.

What We can Learn From Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid’s horrible experience with bad plastic surgery also reminds us to be careful in the selection of the plastic surgeon. Experienced plastic surgeons should not leave you with many follow up plastic surgeries to correct the previous one. Experienced plastic surgeons should not leave you high and dry with uneven breast sizes.

And to learn from Heidi Montag, your plastic surgeon should inform you the bad things that can go wrong in any procedure. And highlight to you what are the consequences of your plastic surgery and what is the worst possible scenario.

All outcomes should be related to you so that you can make an informed decision if you should go ahead.

Besides, there are many alternatives to surgery. You can do enhancements to your breasts, eyes, lips and body without ever needing to go through surgery.

And surgery usually brings about pain and anxiety.

Whatever it may be, Tara Reid still remains attractive and still holds considerable celebrity value and status. Despite her plastic surgery failures, her admission to plastic surgery openly has earned the respect of many industry observers. As such, Tara Reid plastic surgery adventures might not end on a bad note after all.