Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Sophia Loren Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Sophia Loren, one of the most successful Italian film actresses ever to grace Hollywood, has some serious advice to give for plastic surgery. Sophia believes that a natural aging process is the way to go for everyone. Being on the red carpet for many years, as well as being a beauty icon at the peak of her acting career, Sophia Loren’s advice should not be taken lightly.

Sophia Loren has a wealth of knowledge about anti-aging and plastic surgery. She has garnered strong credentials in the acting industry. Notable awards that she has received includes an Academy Award, a Grammy and five special Golden Globes. In 1995, Sophia Loren received the lifetime achievement award called Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Photo Credit: (left) Rex USA

Photo Credit: (left) Rex USA

Sophia has openly admitted that she was under strong pressure to have plastic surgery during her career. She said that Hollywood executives did not like her face. Why? Because they found that Sophia’s nose was too long and her mouth was too big. However, Sophia Loren refused to budge under the pressure to change the shape of her nose. She did not succumb to the pressure of plastic surgery she claimed. Going under the knife was never an option for her.

If you take a look at the pictures of a younger Sophia Loren, you can see that she is an amazing beauty. There was nothing much wrong with her nose at all and her mouth looked great. It is sad to know that such mean comments can be made of anyone’s facial features.

For Sophia Loren, not only was she pressured by Hollywood executives, she was also subjected to much pressure by her husband at that time, Carlo Ponti. Carlo, who is a producer, told Sophia Loren that she should get some work done for her face. This has got to be one of the biggest pressure as it is coming from her beloved husband.

Watch an interview with Sophia Loren back in 1977 below:


Compare the above video to this recent interview with Larry King:

Sophia Loren was criticised for her nose and mouth

Sophia said ‘They were saying that my nose was too long and my mouth was too big. It didn’t hurt me at all because when I believe in something, it’s like war. It’s a battle.’

Miss Loren said that even Ponti told her: ‘You know the cameramen, they say that your nose is too long. Maybe you have to touch it a little bit.’

She said: ‘And I said: ‘Listen, I don’t want to touch nothing on my face because I like my face. If I have to change my nose, I am going back to Pozzuoli (her home in Italy).

‘At that time, they used to do noses like a French nose with a little tip at the end – they liked that. Can you imagine me with a nose like that?’ 

However, despite the effort put up by Sophia Loren to deny all plastic surgery rumors, there are still some observers who refuse to believe her. Some of the speculations include a possible facelift and the use of Botox.

Did Sophia Loren have a facelift?

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Getty Images

Looking at Sophia’s recent photos, her face is not exactly free of wrinkles. Taking into account that she is already aged 81, her wrinkles are not much to worry about. Though there are signs of saggy skin, which is the norm for anyone her age, she shows a relatively well maintained face. Her face does not look very tight, which is a normal indication of a facelift procedure. Even if she did undergo a facelift, it was a job well done because her face still looks natural and her facial skin does not look to be “over pulled”. Sophia Loren could have achieved such good skin texture through creams and collagen building lotions. So, a facelift is not the only way to achieve the looks of Sophia Loren now.

Did Sophia Loren use Botox?

Botox is one of the most popular wrinkle removing plastic surgeries. But it has to be used sparingly. Some celebrities like Christie Brinkley do not believe in using Botox on the face as it can cause the face to go expressionless. Botox is sometimes best used sparingly for the neck lines instead of the face.

For Sophia Loren, the speculated use of Botox is due to her everlasting lifted cheeks. Some observers expect a woman of age 81 to have very saggy cheeks. Because Sophia Loren has got some supple cheeks, some  believe that she resorted to Botox or other fillers to keep her cheeks up. Some even suggested that she might have a Botox injection or two on her forehead as there are very few wrinkles on her forehead.

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Today

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Today

One of the most talked about celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn, believes that Sophia has undergone some serious plastic surgeries. He said to Radar “I’ve never seen a 78-year-old woman look like her. Is it good genes that keep her looking so young? I strongly doubt that! I believe that she’s had at least $50,000 worth of plastic surgery to keep her looking so good.

Her jaw-line is unnaturally sharp for a near-octogenarian. This is the possible result of a well-performed facelift or two. Although her lips are plump, she doesn’t sport a trout pout like some of her contemporaries. I suspect that she’s had injections of a filler like Juvederm.”

“It also appears that she might have undergone an upper and lower eyelid lift, to keep her eyelids refreshed-looking. Fat injections to her cheeks may have prevented her from getting the sunken look of many women her age. Laser treatments and chemical peels may also play a part in her smooth skin, in addition to some possible Botox in her forehead.

“And it’s not just her face that I believe has had some work. I also think she may sport a pair of breast implants to help keep her ample-chested as she nears the twilight of her years. Because they last approximately 20 years, it’s possible that she’s had more than one pair

Sophia Loren Has Denied All Plastic Surgery Rumors

Sophia Loren, when interviewed, has always stated that she is against plastic surgery. As such, we believe that Sophia could have achieved her everlasting youth through proper nutrition and skin care. She recently told Page Six “These young girls really need to be more careful and selective of what they are doing to their bodies and their faces. I mean, you do not know for sure if you are going to a good doctor … you can end up looking worse than what you thought you originally were.”

There is so much truth in what Sophia Loren said. Many celebrities ended up looking much worse than before. Some have expressed regret while some just shun the public eye for long periods of time. Plastic surgery is definitely not for someone who still has doubts on his or her mind about the procedure. Just like in life, there are no returns without risk. So if you are contemplating plastic surgery, do your due diligence and research before signing on the line for the procedure. Because the mistake that could happen during the surgery, might not be corrected even with bucket loads of cash. What do you think of Sophia Loren plastic surgery rumors?