Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Adrienne Bailon Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Adrienne Bailon has gotten famous being a fabulous singer, actress, dancer and television personality. However, now it seems that she is garnering attention for plastic surgery. Lately, her change in appearance has left many tongues wagging about possible cosmetic surgery. Most of the Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery rumors involve nose jobs, boob job and eyelid surgery.

Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery before and after

Adrienne Bailon was cast into the limelight when she became the founding member and lead singer of 3LW and The Cheetah Girls. Her involvement with the group 3LW gradually led to her participation in the Disney Franchise, The Cheetah Girls.

As she gained popularity, her facial features came under intense scrutiny. This is common in Hollywood. When a celebrity goes missing for a few months and come back on the red carpet, there will be intense speculation whether he or she took the long break for plastic surgery. And this is what happened to Adrienne Bailon.

Some netizens argue that Adrienne Bailon’s smooth skin is due to her hairdo. So what is it about her hairdo that can create smooth skin? As Adrienne Bailon sometimes like to wear her hair pulled back tight, there is a theory that by doing so, it helps to stretch her facial skin to make it look smoother and also “pulling away” the fine wrinkles. However, this theory has never been proven by professional plastic surgeons.

Watch a Young Adrienne Bailon being interviewed with the rest of 3LW below:

Compare that to a recent interview below:

Adrienne Bailon and Nose Job

Photos Credit: Getty Images

Photos Credit: Getty Images

Nose jobs are common among Hollywood celebrities. However, some suffer from disastrous consequences. And most times, revision rhinoplasty does not help. It is very important for a nose job to be successful in the first attempt. The desirable result of a nose job is a smaller and sharper nose. Some even want to have their nostrils made smaller to achieve the cute look effect.

When you look at Adrienne Bailon before photos, she used to have a thicker nose bridge. She also had a bigger and rounder nose tip. Now, her nose bridge seems slightly narrower with her nose tip sharper. However, it must be said that the changes are rather subtle and could be the effect of clever make up. To think that Adrienne Bailon underwent the knife for such subtle changes is hard to believe. Most patients want a more obvious change when they undergo rhinoplasty or nose job. But in the case of Adrienne Ballon, its hard to tell.

Adrienne Bailon Botox and Face Lift Rumors

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Getty Images

Another popular rumor is about Adrienne Ballon undergoing facelift. Face lifts are meant to reduce fine lines on the face. It is a popular procedure but one cannot do too many facelifts. Because it will cause a thinning look on the face and it will make the person look weird. For Adrienne Bailon, her face looks taut and firm, but this could be due to her good skin maintenance regime. Generally, facelifts are for older people and for Adrienne, she seems too young for any facelift.

Another speculation about her smooth skin is the use of Botox injections. Botox has the ability to smooth out fine lines. However, many celebrities like Meg Ryan overdo it and end up looking unnatural and weird. Some say that Adrienne Bailon’s face looks frozen due to Botox but she has never admitted to using it.

Adrienne Bailon and Eyelid Surgery

Another popular speculation is the possibility of eyelid surgery. Adrienne Bailon seems to have bigger eyes nowadays. One possible procedure she has undergone might be blepharoplasty. It is a popular procedure to make the eyes bigger and wider. Bigger eyes is desired by many women celebrities because they look more mesmerising and adds sparkle to their smiles. Adrienne’s recent appearances shows that she has bigger eyes. However, some feel that her bigger looking eyes is the result of false eyelashes and the use of eyeliners.

Adrienne Bailon and Lip augmentation

Sexy lips is a must have in Hollywood nowadays. In the last 10 years, pout trouts or pouty lips have gained much popularity amongst celebrities. Having fuller lips means sexier in their eyes. Some celebrities like Farrah Abraham have overdone their lips and end up looking weird. For Adrienne Bailon, looking at her before and after photos, there is a distinct difference in the size of her lips. Her lips have grown fuller in a short span of time. Did her lipstick application make a big difference? Probably. But you judge for yourself in the before and after pictures

Adrienne Bailon expressed insecurities before her plastic surgeries. Like any woman, she wanted bigger boobs to impress others and to gain more confidence. However, after she got her bigger boobs, she felt that having a bigger chest is not everything. And it was reported that she had her breast implants removed. So, it seems that being natural is the wisest thing to do. What do you think of Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery rumors?