Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Megyn Kelly Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Megyn Kelly is a well known television host and political commentator helming the Fox News Channel. Lately, she has been hogging the headline for the wrong reason – speculations about her plastic surgeries. Television presenters like Maria Bartiromo are known to have undergone cosmetic enhancements to make themselves appear more attractive to their audiences.

Megyn Kelly was also the host of Fox News Channel’s New Year’s Eve Special, All American New Year, from 2007 to 2012, which is no easy feat. And she was listed in the Tim List of 100 most influential people in 2014. Nowadays, she has her own show called The Kelly File.

One thing we note is that she has always remained incredibly attractive on camera in all of her shows.

Photo Credit: (right) Bloomberg via Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Bloomberg via Getty Images

Besides her notable clashes with Donald Trump during his Presidential Campaign, Megyn Kelly is now being talked about because of a suspected nose job. We need to take a look at her high school pictures to determine if the rumors hold any weight.

Megyn Kelly Background and Suspected Nose Job

Megyn Kelly attended high school in Albany NY. Her current look is vastly different from her yearbook pictures. Of course we expect some differences in her young and older photos but some changes are so drastic that they cannot be explained by the process of aging. One good example of such change is the nose shape.

Generally, a person’s nose shape will stop changing by the age of 18, which is coincidentally the acceptable age for plastic surgery. But for Megyn Kelly, you can see that her nose is rounder and more bulbous in her older photos. Her later photos show a much sharper nose with a narrower nose bridge which is a strong indicator that rhinoplasty has been performed.

A smaller nose can make a person look younger and sharper, which is the desired effect of many patients of rhinoplasty. For Megyn Kelly, her nose kinda make her look slightly unnatural.

Check out some of her other before and after photos below. Observe her nose, did she undergo rhinoplasty?

Megyn Kelly sharper nose job before and after photos

Credit: (left and right) Jim Spellman Getty Images,

Megyn Kelly before and after photos

Credit: (left) Bobby Bank Getty Images, (right) Jon Kopaloff Getty Images

Megyn Kelly nose job surgery before and after

Credit: (left) Andy Kropa Getty Images, (right) Jon Kopaloff Getty Images

Watch Megyn Kelly on the Jimmy Fallon Show in 2016 where she looks stunning beautiful:

Megyn Kelly is also suspected to have undergone a facelift. At age 45, it is inevitable that wrinkles start to show on her face. And being under the scrutiny of the television camera, some wrinkles cannot be hidden by clever makeup. And for Megyn Kelly to look this good at her age calls for some divine surgical intervention. There was also talk that Megyn might have resorted to the use of Botox injections to reduce the wrinkles on her face. However, it must be noted that Megyn has never admitted to any plastic surgery procedures so far.

Megyn Kelly and Breast Augmentation

Photo Credit: (left) The Washington Post, (right) DC Gazette

Photo Credit: (left) The Washington Post, (right) DC Gazette

One of the most popular plastic surgeries is breast implant surgery. It is also one of the most obvious plastic surgery if one were to grow two cup sizes or more in one week. For Megyn Kelly, observers note that her bust size has suddenly gone up a few notches within a short period of time.

Some say that they witness a scar near her armpit when she wore sleeveless dresses. This scar could be the opening to the insertion of breast implants. However, it is rare to have such scars exposed unless the plastic surgeon has done a poor job. Seems like in the world of Tv shows hosting, boobs do play a part in ratings?

Perhaps more eye candy can translate to better retention of the audiences and therefore build fan loyalty. From some of Megyn Kelly before and after pictures, we can see that her breast size has gone up and her cleavage is deeper than before. It is rumored that Megyn Kelly’s bust size is now a 34DDD. However, its hard to conclude that Kelly did a boob job because sometimes her breasts seem smaller and the next day seems bigger. And some of her before and after photos show the same breast size. Check out such photos below:

Megyn Kelly boob job before and after photos

Credit: (right) Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

Megyn Kelly breast implants before and after

Credit: (left) Paul Morigi Getty Images, (right) Todd Williamson Getty Images

Overall, Megyn Kelly face still reeks of the effects of plastic surgery, especially her nose. It does look a bit odd and unnatural. However, it is ultimately the decision of the celebrity whether to go the extra mile to fix it. Nose jobs are the most delicate plastic surgeries. One mistake can cause many revision rhinoplasties and you can end up with a Michael Jackson nose. What do you think of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery rumors? True or False?