Lauren Bushnell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lauren Bushnell Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lauren Bushnell, an Alaskan Airlines flight attendant who rose to fame as the winner of The Bachelor series, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors. During the show, she is regarded by many as one of the most attractive contestants. However, there is still a possibility that she wanted to look even better than her natural self. Though it is never confirmed by her, netizens begin to speculate some of the procedures she went through. Some of the alleged procedures include Botox injections, teeth surgery, lip fillers and brow lifts.

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram, (right) ABC Entertainment

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram, (right) ABC Entertainment

Lauren Bushnell once described herself as a religious person. She also expressed that she is a very clear communicator of her feelings. And throughout the show, she lived up to what she said and won the heart of Ben Higgins. But as we all know, it is natural for any woman to have the desire to enhance their looks. So when she appeared on After The Final Rose looking different, she had tongues wagging about her looks.

Watch the journey Lauren Bushnell went through during and after the show:

Watch another video of Lauren Bushnell with Ben Higgins undergoing couple counselling:

Lauren Bushnell and Botox Injection Rumors

Before the invention of Botox, the common person on the street have had little chance of having any sort of plastic surgery. Some say that Botox has brought plastic surgery to the mainstream. To a certain extent, it is true. You can see Botox posters in neighbourhood clinics everywhere. However, though it is a common plastic surgery, things can go very wrong when excessive botox is used. This usually happens when the patient expects too much from the botox injections. Surely, like what Christie Brinkley said, less is more when using botox.

For Lauren Bushnell, perhaps the botox speculations started due to her face looking extremely smooth when she appeared on After The Final Rose show. But, that could be due to the use of thick makeup. And this is likely the case. Sometimes, thick makeup can give the impression of the person having undergone plastic surgery as it can create a very different look.

Furthermore, Lauren Bushnell is only age 26, there is hardly any reason why she needs to undergo botox injections. And she does not have any wrinkles or fine lines to remove either. So to say that she had botox injections is quite wrong. There are also no signs of lumpiness or unnatural look on her face.

Lauren Bushnell and Lip Fillers Rumors

Another popular speculation about Lauren Bushnell is the use of lip fillers. In the After The Final Rose show, according to some observers, she appeared to have thicker lips. But seriously, we see nothing more than a thick application of lip gloss. The use of lip stick and lip gloss can create the illusion of thicker lips too.

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram, (right) ABC Entertainment

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram, (right) ABC Entertainment

If Lauren Bushnell opted for lip fillers, the difference in her lip thickness cannot be so subtle. Thus, it is hard to imagine that Lauren Bushnell underwent lip fillers procedure.

Lauren Bushnell and Brow Lift Rumors

It is surprising that one appearance in After The Final Rose show could draw so much observations. Some fans suggest that Lauren Bushnell has undergone brow lift as her eyes look much bigger and more defined than before.

However, when you look at her eyes, you can see that there is a deliberate attempt to make her eyes look bigger, not through plastic surgery but by using clever makeup. Her eyelashes were curled more intensely than before and the lines around her eyes looked darker. Together, it created the “bigger eyes” effect. There is hardly any evidence of brow lift.

Lauren Bushnell and Teeth Surgery Rumors

And as if those brow lift rumors are not ridiculous enough, some netizens tweet that Lauren Bushnell has undergone teeth surgery and had veneers done. For many, teeth surgery is not really plastic surgery as it is commonly used to correct uneven teeth. And usually it is out of necessity too.

Even so, we feel that Lauren Bushnell has not done a great deal to her teeth. She still looks the same as before. Just that perhaps some jealous souls are out to criticise her due to her win on The Bachelor.

Overall, Lauren Bushnell is a worthy winner on The Bachelor. She has remained beautiful even after the show. All the plastic surgery speculations seem to be unjustified. Yes, she might have had heavier makeup than before. But to attribute her latest appearance to plastic surgery seems slightly far fetched. We wish that Lauren Bushnell will continue to have a wonderful romance with Ben. What do you think of Lauren Bushnell plastic surgery rumors?