Chloe Ferry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Chloe Ferry Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Popular Geordie Shore celebrity Chloe Ferry has shocked many of her fans when she revealed a much different face than before. Her new face shows much fuller lips and a host of other suspected surgical enhancements.

It was reported on OK! that she said “The boys like to grief us for how much work I’ve done. My lips are small right now, I’ve had my lips done 4 times, I’m going to get them done again.”

She added “ I’ve had cheek fillers, I’ve had an eyebrow lift, I’ve had botox. I’ve got my eyebrows tattooed.”

Wow, that was a whole load of plastic surgery confessions. And on her future plastic surgery procedures, Chloe Ferry added “ I want to get filler in my chin to make it pointier. And I’m getting veneers!”

Watch Chloe Ferry Talks about herself:

Chloe Ferry looked better before plastic surgery

Photo Credit: Instagram ChloeFerry

Chloe Ferry has never shunned away from the plastic surgery speculations. Like her co star Charlotte Crosby, Chloe is upfront about her cosmetic surgery procedures. And she has admitted to Australia NW magazine that she would even have “the muscles pulled out of” her cheeks next.

What? Pulling out the cheek muscles?

Chloe Ferry and Cheek Reduction

Maybe she was referring to cheek reduction. Cheek reduction is a procedure where unwanted fats at the lower parts of the jaw are removed. It is designed to give the face a more defined and sharper shape.

Chloe Ferry proud of her lips

Photo Credit: Instagram

Chloe Ferry even went on to say that she wants to get some modification done to her jaw. One of her goals was to get her jaw shaved to have a really good jaw line.

In her before and after pictures, you can clearly see that Chloe Ferry has got her lips filled pretty regularly. From her instagram posts in 2015 and 2016, she has been keeping full lips consistently. Her consistent references to plastic surgery has led to many netizens to compare her to Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner, who is also a plastic surgery patron.

In her earlier days, Chloe Ferry looked more natural. Chloe was already a beautiful lady. There was no obvious need for her to undergo plastic surgery to enhance her looks. But since she went on the show, Chloe Ferry has appeared with a different face.

Though the current trend views puffy lips as being sexy, we felt that Chloe Ferry actually looked much better being her old self. Her plastic surgery did not really add to the beauty she once had. In face, the outcome just reeks of unnatural procedures.

However, Chloe Ferry seem to think otherwise. Who knows what she will look like 3 months from now? Another plastic surgery procedure waiting in the wings? Only Chloe Ferry knows.