Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Barbara Walters Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Barbara Walters is now getting known more for her plastic surgery speculations as she appeared recently with unnatural looks and lumpy face. Signs of plastic surgery had many netizens talking about the possible cosmetic procedures she has undergone. Some of Barbara Walters plastic surgery rumors include a possible facelift, eyelid surgery, neck lift, facial fillers and botox. And when you look at Barbara Walters before and after photos, they tell an untold story.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Pinterest

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Pinterest

Barbara Walters is an Amercian Journalist, author and a television personality. Barbara Walters has hosted many television series. Some of her accomplished work includes shows like Today, The View and ABC Evening News. She started her career back in 1962 when she was a writer of stories that involve women’s interests following an NBC news segment.

Now at an amazing age of 87, she continues to contribute to the television world by reporting for ABC News. And since she needs to appear on television sometimes, it is important for her to look her best in front of cameras.

Here’s a recent video of Barbara Walters in an interview:

Compare that to Barbara Walters in the past in the next video. She appears prominently at 4:38 of the video:

Barbara Walters and Botox, Facial Fillers Rumors

Facial fillers, combined with Botox, are effective weapons against fine lines and wrinkles. Facial fillers like Juvederm have gained wide acceptance by users. Botox has been a revelation since its discovery due to its ease of application and quick recovery time. However, any mistake can cause a simple plastic surgery procedure to go terribly wrong.


For Barbara Walters, some expert opinion has concluded that she might have had facial fillers to take years off her face. And frankly, Barbara Walters looks nowhere near her real age of 87. She looks 20 years younger. Some say that her lumpy look could be due to her overuse of botox. But such rumors are never proven as Barbara Walters has not publicly admitted to going under the knife.

Barbara Walters and Neck Lift Rumors

One of the surest signs of aging is a sagging neck. The skin around the neck area tends to loosen as old age sets in. And it is almost impossible to tone that area using exercise or diet plans. As such, many richer celebrities opt to undergo neck lifts to tighten the skin around the neck area to have a wrinkle free neck.

Photo credit: (left) Heidi Gutman ABC, (right) D D pasupil Getty Images

Photo credit: (left) Heidi Gutman ABC, (right) D D pasupil Getty Images

For Barbara Walters, her earlier photos show that her neck skin started to sag as early as 20 years ago. However, by some miracle, her neck skin is showing less and less wrinkles over the years. One can fight saggy neck skin for one or two years. But to have them lift up after 20 years is an incredible feat! Either she has resorted to the use of an effective neck cream or she has undergone neck lifts. Looking at her pictures, what are your opinions on this?

Barbara Walters and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are often used to pull the facial skin tighter to reduce visible fine lines on the face. However, it takes a brave soul to undergo any facelift as it takes sometime to recover and the patient has to endure some pain. But to many women, facelifts are worth it as the effects are immediate.

For Barbara Walters, her taut face sparked facelift rumors on the internet. Despite some of her fans’ belief that Barbara Walters has never undergone plastic surgery, others believe otherwise as her face looks too tight for a person her age. In her later photos, her face does look a bit tight. Due to the very few wrinkles on her face, at her age, it looks unnatural.

Barbara Walters and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

At age 87, it is common for skin above or below the upper and lower eyelids to sag. And when they do so, it makes a person look really aged. But for Barbara Walters, her eyes seem to look bigger as she gets older. And that is working against the natural order of time! Thus, there is wide speculation about her eye surgery, whether it was done.

Barbara’s eyes are noticeably bigger now and free from eye bags and saggy skin. This itself spells some possibility of an eyelid surgery.

Overall, Barbara Walters has managed to look much younger than her age. Perhaps its due to her own maintenance program or multiple plastic surgeries. However, the answer lies within Barbara Walters herself. But we must say that she has done a great job to hold back the effects of aging. Credit must be given to her perseverance in contributing to the television community over the decades. What do you think of Barbara Walters plastic surgery?