Jimin AOA Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jimin AOA Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jimin of AOA fame is one of the most recognised South Korean idol singer and rapper. Being the main rapper and vocalist of the girl pop group AOA, Jimin naturally is one of the most scrutinised celebrity. Some of her plastic surgery speculations include double eyelid surgery and nose job. But she has never publicly admitted to having undergone any plastic surgery.


Jimin is still young at age 25. She had a natural gift for music. As a child, she learned how to play the guitar, harmonica and piano. These early exposures to music helped her tremendously in the music industry.

From her debut in July 30 2012 as a member of AOA, Jimin went on to be part of the group AOA Black where she wrote the song Moya for them. However, the thirst for higher achievement is ever present in Jimin. She decided to try out being a solo artiste. Jimin debuted as a solo singer with the single Call You Bae on 3 March 2016. With such a perfectionist attitude, the question remains whether Jimin wanted to have the perfect look as well.

Watch Jimin from AOA in an interview:

Here is the AOA being interviewed and Jimin is standing at one side. She looks like she wanted to say something:

Jimin AOA and Nose Job Rumors

Much of the speculation on Asian celebrities is about nose jobs. Most Asians yearn for a sharper and more defined nose. As the nose is at the centre of the face, any enhancement to its shape will contribute greatly to the overall look of the face. Some opt for just the sharpening of the nose tip while others go a step further to reduce the size of their nostrils.


For Jimin, her before and after photos show the same nose shape. There isn’t any narrowing of her nose bridge either. Wtihout these two enhancements, its hard to say that Jimin underwent rhinoplasty or a nose job. To undergo a nose job with such negligible differences is impossible to believe. As such, it looks like Jimin did not opt for a nose job at all. Her nose still looks natural, just like in her younger photos.


Jimin AOA and Double eyelid Surgery Rumors

Some netizens insist that Jimin has had double eyelid surgery. Double eyelids are often preferred to single eyelids as they make the eyes look bigger. However, as many asians have small eyes, some of them resort to plastic surgery to make their eyes look bigger.


In Jimin before and after photos, her supposed double eyelid is not really obvious. Usually, a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to cut a clear double eyelid as requested. But in the case of Jimin, there is not much difference which also indicates that Jimin might not have undergone a double eyelid surgery at all.

After all, her eyes look bigger because of the makeup around the eyes. Eyeliners, curly eyelashes and even eye brow shaping, are known to make the eyes look bigger. It is highly likely that her eyes look bigger due to non surgical means.

Overall, Jimin does not seem to have undergone any cosmetic surgery. The shape of her face, eyes, nose and mouth have all remained the same. It is nice to observe that she has not succumbed to the pressure and lure of plastic surgery. And at her age of 25, having plastic surgery should only be the last resort. What do you think of Jimin AOA plastic surgery rumors?