Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Da Hae Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lee Da Hae is a popular South Korean actress who is recognised as a master of many languages. Being the first Korean actress to articulate her lines in Korean, English and Chinese, she stands out from the sea of Korean celebrities. However, as of recent times, Lee Da Hae is suspected to have undergone plastic surgery by some netizens. Some of Lee Da Hae alleged plastic surgeries include double eyelid surgery, nose job, botox injections, jawline reshaping and facelift.


Lee Da Hae made a name for herself by first winning the Miss Chunhyang Pageant in 2001. Considered by many a natural beauty at that time, Lee Da Hae struggled to establish herself as a leading actress, often being relegated to supporting roles. However, she had her big breakthrough in 2005 when she starred in the comedy My Girl. My Girl enabled Lee to have a huge following in South Korea. Her fame led her to star in more films, including The Slave Hunters, Miss Ripley and Hotel Kind. Due to her fluent Chinese, she was also featured in Chinese drama serials like Love Actually and Best Couple in 2016.

Over the years, viewers observe that Lee Da Hae’s appearance changed over time. Somehow, she looked prettier as she got older. Now at age 32, it remains a constant challenge for Lee Da Hae to look young. As new stars emerge, it is important for her to slow down the effects of aging to stay competitive for leading roles.

Watch a young Lee Da Hae being interviewed:

Compare it to a recent Lee Da Hae interview below:

Lee Da Hae and Nose Job Rumors

When Lee Da Hae first won the Miss Chunhyang pageant, her nose looked slightly flat. She had a round nose tip, which is typical of any Asian face. However, in her later photos, Lee Da Hae appeared to have a sharper nose and thinner nose bridge. Somehow, Lee has managed to change her nose shape after puberty. Could it be due to weight loss? Very unlikely.

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

When asked if she ever had plastic surgery, Da Hae said “I used to be a fat girl. I worked hard to lose weight and also did some ‘remodeling’ to my face.” The host looked shocked, and immediately said, “I thought you didn’t get any plastic surgery!” Upon hearing this, Da Hae laughed, “Fantastic! Please continue to think like that!”

That gave the strongest clue whether Lee had undergone the knife, though no specific procedure was mentioned.

Lee Da Hae and Jawline Surgery

One of the natural ways to have a sharper face is simply to lose weight. Losing weight allows a person to shed some of the stubborn baby fat. Such fat cannot be lost using facial exercises but sheer weight loss.

However, in today’s world, it is common that people want results fast. Just think about instant coffee and instant noodles. Now, people who want to look thinner and sharper go for instant jawline reshaping surgery.


Despite it being a painful process, people undergo the surgery in search for a slimmer looking face. Depending on the severity of the corrections, jawline surgery can take weeks if not months to recover fully.

For Lee Da Hae, looking at her before and after photos, her jawline has changed tremendously. From what was squarish from her cheeks down, now she appears with a sharper chin and a more slanted look from her cheeks down.

There are two camps of thought about her jaw. One group insists that she attained her sharper face due to fierce dieting and weight loss. While the other group feels that even with drastic weight loss, such changes to her face could not be possible without plastic surgery. What do you think after looking at the pictures?

Lee Da Hae and Double Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Looking again at the before photos of Lee Da Hae, it is obvious that she had slit shaped like eyes in the past. When she first started, her eyes were small. But they miraculously became bigger in the later years.


And it does not help to stop the rumors when her eyes were spotted with double eyelids.

Almost every observer will recall she had single eyelids initially.

It did not take long fore people to spot that.

But then, most people do not view double eyelid surgery as plastic surgery. It is just a process to attain double eyelids.

Whatever it is, whoever did the job for Lee Da Hae did an amazing job. Her eyes sparkle with life and expressions nowadays.

Lee Da Hae and Botox injections

At age 32, Lee Da Hae is still considered very young. Botox, which is a popular remedy for fine lines and wrinkles, is often used by celebrities of an older age group. Typically, wrinkles start to form as soon as age 40. That is when people start to notice those creepy wrinkle formation lines.


For Lee Da Hae, her face still looks natural, with no clear signs of botox use. However, she might have used botox so wisely that no one could detect the erroneous application. Whatever it is, whoever applied botox on her (if she ever used it) has done an amazing job. Lee Da Hae looks so amazing today that she must have left someone speechless.

Lee Da Hae and Facelift Rumors

Another alleged plastic surgery of Lee Da Hae is facelift. A facelift is not an easy and straightforward procedure. The recovery time is lengthy and the chance of an infection is always there. Despite the pain and inconvenience, many people still opt to undergo facelifts.

For Lee Da Hae, she does not show any signs of facelifts. If she had undergone multiple facelifts, her face should look tight and taut by now. But she still stays natural looking, dispelling some of the facelift gossip. Whether she had facelift or not, one must say that she looks like a stunnign beauty today.

Overall, Lee Da Hae deserves more recognition for her great self upkeep. Its more meaningful to catch her latest drama serial than to speculate which part of her body underwent the knife. We look forward to more entertainment from the both of them. What do you think of Lee Da Hae plastic surgery rumors?