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Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Carol Vorderman Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Carol Vorderman, who has wowed audiences on television since 1982, has been the subject of much plastic surgery gossip in recent years. Often the host of television shows, Carol Vorderman’s face is always at the forefront of the cameras. Any slight alteration is easily spotted by observant viewers and fans. At Carol Vorderman’s age of 55, one expects some deep wrinkles to form on the face. But all the audience see is a perfect looking wrinkle-free face. Some of the speculated plastic surgeries include botox injections, facelifts, eye lift and a nose job.

Photo Credit: (right) Wireimage

Photo Credit: (right) Wireimage

Carol Vorderman is a British television personality. She was most well known for hosting the game show Countdown from 1982 to 2008. She also hosted other shows like Better homes, The Pride of Britain Awards for ITV. From 2011 to 2014, Vorderman was also a presenter for ITV’s Loose Women. Up till 2016, Carol Vorderman is still playing a role in I’m a Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here!

Her constant appearances in front of the cameras make looking good a necessity. There is no way for the presenter of a show to look haggard or old. Perhaps it is the need to keep herself looking younger that keeps Vorderman going.

Watch a young Carol Vorderman presenting an interesting How 2 Episode in 1995:

And this is Carol Vorderman in 2011:

And here is Carol Vorderman in 2016:

Carol Vorderman and Botox Injection Rumors

Some view Botox as one of the greatest plastic surgery inventions. Its ability to remove fine lines and wrinkles with such convenience is unparalleled. The relative ease of administration and the short recovery time required, makes botox injections the obvious choice for a quick fix.

Photo Credit: (left) Channel 4, (right) David Giles PA

Photo Credit: (left) Channel 4, (right) David Giles PA

For Carol Vorderman, some observers say that her wrinkle free face comes with and immovable forehead. Her smooth and wrinkle free forehead has many speculators talking. Some also feel that Vorderman’s face does look slightly unnatural. But it could have been the effect of thick makeup too. What do you think? Botox or no botox?

Carol Vorderman and Facelift Rumors

Her bright and full facial skin has got many people suspecting that she might have had a facelift. Facelifts are popular because they can take years off the person’s face. If done the right way, a facelift can make a person look a decade younger. Some tell tale signs of excessive facelifts include an overly tight-looking face and restricted facial expressions.

Photo Credit: (left) Neil Munns PA

Photo Credit: (left) Neil Munns PA

For Carol Vorderman, she does look younger than her actual age. However, her facial skin does not seem that taut to arouse suspicions of multiple facelifts. But nonetheless, there seems an inherent difficulty to express herself. But that can be due to botox use too.

Carol Vorderman and Eye Lift Rumors

As a person ages, the muscles around the eyes start to weaken. For some, there will be some skin folds developing in the upper and lower eyelids. If left alone, the eyes will make the person look older than her age. Thus, eye lifts are used to remove such drooping skin and in the process make the eyes look brighter and bigger. Some patients will also request to have the area around their eyes “tightened” to remove their crows feet. Eye bags are often also removed during the same process.


For Carol Vorderman, her eyes look sparkling and wrinkle-free. The area around her eyes are void of crows feet and eye bags. However, there is still some signs of eye bags but they are not obvious. Some say that its the clever use of make up that hides the wrinkles but if you look closely, the physical appearance of her eyes is so different from earlier photos that make up could not be the cause.

Carol Voderman and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs, the most important plastic surgery at the center of the face, is one of the top plastic surgeries in United States today. Not wanting to look flat-nosed, many celebrities pursue their perfect noses despite the long recovery time required for nose jobs. Common outcomes wanted by celebrities include a sharper nose tip, a narrower nose bridge, as well as smaller nostrils. Depending on the shape of the nose, some nose jobs require foreign objects to be inserted to create the desired shape.

Photo Credit: (right) Yui Mok PA

Photo Credit: (right) Yui Mok PA

For Carol Voderman, there were rumors that she underwent a nose job because there were changes in her nose shape back then and now. However, rumors has it that she might have undergone the surgery for repair work on her nose due to an accident rather than for vanity purposes.

It might be true because if you look at the before and after photos, Carol Voderman’s nose shape did not change drastically. Her nose tip still looks sharp ( it was sharp originally anyway) and her nose bridge looks exactly the same. For nose restoration purposes, it idea is not to change the nose shape dramatically. Her consistent nose shape seems to fall in line with her rumored nose accident story.

Carol Voderman and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast augmentation is commonly used to correct breast sizes. Depending on the individual, most opt to have bigger breasts instead of smaller ones. Some opt to undergo breast augmentation to correct unequal breast sizes. Though many know about the dangers of silicone implants, breast augmentation remains as one of the top plastic surgeries in the world today.

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Crabtree PA, (right) Ian West PA

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Crabtree PA, (right) Ian West PA

Photo Credit: (left) Dailymail , (right) Joel Ryan AP

Photo Credit: (left) Dailymail , (right) Joel Ryan AP

For Carol Voderman, her perky and round boobs have attracted lots of attention throughout her career. Being in front of the camera most of the time, the round edges of her “bigger” breasts have caught the attention of gossip mongers. But it is still hard to tell if she underwent breast implants surgery as the same effect could be produced with good push up bras. Looking at the pictures, what is your opinion?

Overall, Carol Voderman’s beauty has stood the test of time. She does not seem really bothered by all the plastic surgery rumors, choosing instead to focus on what she does best, and that is to present television programs to her fans. One thing is for sure, her sex appeal remains unchanged in many of her fans’ minds. This is proven by her everlasting popularity on television now in her mid 50s. What do you think of Carol Voderman plastic surgery rumors? Did she or did she not?

Nikki Mudarris (Nikkibaby) Before Plastic Surgery and After – Does she look better?

Nikki Mudarris (NikkiBaby) before surgery – How did she look like?

VH1 reported that on the set of Love & Hipi Hop Hollywood, Morgan revealed and affirmed that Nikki Mudarris has undergone plastic surgery. With some sneaky behaviour on her phone, looks like Morgan has revealed some juicy pictures of Nikki along the way. Whether she underwent the knife or not, Nikki Mudarris’ present appearance suggests a bout of plastic surgery might have been done. Some of Nikki Mudarris plastic surgery speculations include butt implants, nose job, breast augmentation, cheek and lip fillers, facial fillers and botox injections.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Nikki Mudarris is a Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star who is of Moroccan and Lebanese descent. Born and brought up in Los Angeles, Nikki has all the makings of a superstar. Her statement, saying “ I Live My Life For Me” says it all about her attitude on life. In one of the chat with The Shade Room, Nikki Mudarris revealed that she has got work done.

She said “You know I have gotten work done, and I have done things to enhance my booty and whether people like it or they hate it I live for me,” she explained. “If I was to let everybodies hateful comments and opinions matter I wouldn’t be Miss Nikki Baby, I wouldn’t be me.”

“I don’t care whether you love it or you hate it. But I live my life for me.”

Here is Nikki Baby in a recent interview looking so beautiful:

Here is another interview with Nikki Baby:

Nikki Mudarris and Butt Implant Surgery Rumors

Perhaps spearheaded by Jennifer Lopez, having a jutting butt is a pretty thing for many ladies nowadays. A jutting butt will add more shape definition to a woman’s body. The pursuit of the perfect hourglass figure has led many women to have butt implants inserted into their bodies.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

For Nikki Mudarris, even before any suspected plastic surgery, she already has a pretty obvious and protruding butt. Thus it came as a surprise when she appeared with a truly outstanding pointed butt in recent years. Though one can have a more muscular butt through regular exercises, a protruding butt cannot possibly be the result of an exercise regime. One thing to note is Nikki has never admitted to having butt augmentation surgery. So all we can do is to look at her before and after photos to determine if she underwent butt implant surgery at all.

Nikki Mudarris and Nose Job rumors

Nose jobs are commonly used by Hollywood celebrities to reshape their nose. Somehow, the nose is always the central piece of any plastic surgery mission. The most commonly sought after outcome is a sharper nose tip, a thinner nose bridge and smaller nostrils. Despite the pain one has to go through to get their perfect nose, many still undergo their nose job.

Photo Credit : Instagram

Photo Credit : Instagram

For Nikki Mudarris, she has admitted to having her nose done. Her before and after photos show her nose made sharper at the tip. Her nostrils have been reshaped to look more elegant. The slight bump on her nose bridge has been smoothened and her new nose looks really nice and balanced.

Nikki Mudarris and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast implants surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Having an impressive bust size is the dream of many women. Not only do larger boobs increase self confidence, they also attract much attention from the other sex. A deep cleavage could also make the celebrity more desirable on-screen.


For Nikki Mudarris, her before and after photos show a slight increase in boob size. To be fair, Nikki is blessed with sizeable boobs since young. It was only a matter of keeping them looking good. Her recent photos show some overly “round” outlines of her breasts. That is a possible sign of breast implants used. After all, what is the point of enhancing the face without enhancing her ample assets? Nikki has never admitted to any boob job, so the truth is still with her.

Nikki Mudarris and Botox Rumors

Together with facial fillers, botox has been the mainstay of plastic surgery for more than 10 years. It is fast, effective and requires only little recovery time. When applied at the right places at the right dosage, Botox could make a person look more than 5 years younger.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

For Nikki Mudarris, her smooth complexion has led many to suggest plastic surgery was used. But one must not forget that Nikki Mudarris is just 26 years old! Why would she need anything to remove wrinkles? But her slightly unnatural looking face does suggest something was done.

While many believe that Nikki has undergone botox injections and facial fillers, there are many fans who believe Nikki has stayed natural. Some even insist that Nikki Mudarris has good genes, that’s why she looks so pretty today. What do you think? Botox or no botox?

Nikki Mudarris and Lip Fillers

To many women, lips are extremely important to their appearance. Some can spend hours trying to pick their perfect lipstick color. Some take hours to apply their lipstick. But the latest craze is to have thick and full lips.

Having fuller and thicker lips helps to increase the sexual appeal of a woman. So many leading ladies in Hollywood resort to lip fillers injections to create that “pout trout” effect. But lip fillers need to be “topped” up every few months to maintain the desired effect. If left alone, the lips will revert back to the original shape.

For Nikki Mudarris, her lips look fuller in recent times. But that does not mean that she used lip fillers injections. As her lips still look natural without being overly swollen, there is every chance that the fuller effect is due to clever application of lipstick. Looking at the before and after photos, what do you think?

Overall, there is no denying that Nikki Mudarris remains a very attractive and beautiful woman. Her versatility in her personality has opened doors for her to be a future superstar. It is interesting to see how her career will progress from now. If she ever had a plastic surgeon for consultation (which we are not sure of) , we must say that her plastic surgeon has done a great job. Let’s hope that Nikki Mudarris will continue to preserve her beauty in the years to come. What do you think of Nikki Mudarris plastic surgery?

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Kelly Ripa Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Kelly Ripa is well known for her early role as Hayley Vaughan on the series All My Children from 1990 to 2002. She is also a popular host for her show Live! with Kelly, interviewing celebrities and finding interesting stuff about them. As Kelly Ripa appears on television with a slim body (after having 3 kids!) and a “never aging” face, rumors of Kelly Ripa undergoing plastic surgery surfaced. At Kelly Ripa’s age of 46, signs of aging like saggy skin and wrinkles will start to creep in. It is not surprising that Kelly Ripa would want to hide such aging signs. But did she resort to plastic surgery? Some of Kelly Ripa’s plastic surgery speculations include botox injections, nose job and breast augmentation.

Photo Credit: (left) Stephen Trupp Celebrity

Photo Credit: (left) Stephen Trupp Celebrity

Kelly Ripa has achieved a lot as a talk show host. In fact, she became so popular that The Hollywood Reporter named her to be one of the Most Powerful People in Media in 2014. Kelly Ripa started humbly as a regular dancer on Dancin’ On Air in 1986. Then she got discovered by talk show host legend Regis Philbin after Kathie Lee Gifford left. Described as a “petite ball of fire” by Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa went on to help increase the number of viewers for the show. It was a huge success as their show audience amounted to more than 6 million viewers daily.

Thought Kelly Ripa was only good at hosting a talk show? Watch the video below when a young Kelly Ripa played her role in All My Children:

Compare that to a recent interview Kelly Ripa had on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. She gets hotter as she grows older:

Kelly Ripa and Botox Injections

Botox is one of the best known remedies for fine lines and wrinkles. Despite lots of bad publicity over botched botox procedures, many still undergo the risks to attain their perfect face. Botox has to be used in the right place and with the right dosage. Any mistake will result in a terrible unnatural looking face.

For Kelly Ripa, she is frank with her Botox use. She admitted having used botox on her face. But this is common practice for many celebrities. But what is not common is that Kelly Ripa actually used botox on her armpits. Well, that is rather unheard of. But why did she do that? According to rumors, the botox in her armpits might help to reduce sweating. Well, she has yet to share if the procedure is indeed effective for that purpose.

See how Kelly Ripa grew more attractive over the years:

Photo Credit: (left) Gary Czvekus Retna, (right) Stephen Trupp Celebrity

Photo Credit: (left) Gary Czvekus Retna, (right) Stephen Trupp Celebrity

Photo Credit: (left) Walter McBride Retna, (right) Peter Kramer Starmax

Photo Credit: (left) Walter McBride Retna, (right) Peter Kramer Starmax

Photo Credit: (left) Gary Gershoff Wireimage, (right) James Devaney Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Gary Gershoff Wireimage, (right) James Devaney Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Dimitrios Kambouris Wireimage, (right) RD/ROE/RETNA Digitial

Photo Credit: (left) Dimitrios Kambouris Wireimage, (right) RD/ROE/RETNA Digitial

Photo Credit: (left) George Pimentel Wireimage, (right) Charles Sykes Braveo NBCU PHOTOBANK Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) George Pimentel Wireimage, (right) Charles Sykes Braveo NBCU PHOTOBANK Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left)Gilbert Carrasquillo GC Images, (right) Getty Images North America

Photo Credit: (left)Gilbert Carrasquillo GC Images, (right) Getty Images North America

When you look at Kelly Ripa before and after photos, you can see that her earlier photos looked more natural and chubby while her recent photo looks slightly unnatural. Some work must have been done to achieve this effect. But overall, her face still looks alright. Yes she looks younger than her real age but it is only achieved with the supporting help of botox.

Kelly Ripa and Nose Job Rumors

Nose job, another favorite of celebrities, is used to alter the shape of the nose. With today’s technology and techniques, much research has been done to minimise the chances of a mishap. A nose job gone wrong is costly. So costly that sometimes money cannot solve the problem. A good example is what happened to Michael Jackson. Even years of revision rhinoplasty cannot work.

Some observers say that Kelly Ripa’s before and after photos show different nose shapes.  Some claim that her earlier photos show a much rounder nose tip with a broader nose bridge. To some extent it is true. The recent photos of Kelly Ripa show a much more matured lady, albeit with sharper facial features.

But Kelly Ripa has never admitted to having a nose job. Though it is hard to explain the change in nose shape, we will take Kelly Ripa’s words that no nose job was performed.

Kelly Ripa and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast enhancement is at the top of the wishlist for many women. Many want the perfect figure but are unwilling to go through the pain of surgery. Like the nose job, despite warnings and bad reputation, ladies still flock to get their boobs done. But did Kelly Ripa do anything to her boobs?



Upon closer examination, some of Kelly’s photos show a much bigger bosom. In recent times, Kelly Ripa appeared with a flatter chest. With the changes in her boob size, many netizens suspect that she might have gone for a breast augmentation first to increase her bosom size and then went for a breast reduction surgery.

But these are still just speculations as Kelly Ripa has never admitted to having breast implants or any breast augmentation surgery.

Overall, Kelly Ripa has remained a beautiful woman despite entering her late 40s. It is indeed tough to remain competitive in the talk show industry. With so many competitors all fighting for higher ratings, it is inevitable that Kelly Ripa has to enhance her looks to stay ahead of the game. She has indeed achieved a great deal in her career. So rather than focus solely on her facial and body enhancements, perhaps its also important to appreciate her contributions to the entertainment industry. What do you think of Kelly Ripa plastic surgery rumors?

Dominique Sachse Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Dominique Sachse Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Dominique Sachse, who is well known for her news reporting role, has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors for some time. As her job requires her to be on screen most of the time, it is not surprising that Dominique Sachse wants to hide her real age. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a nose job, breast augmentation, facelift and botox injections.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Instagram

Dominique Sachse started her career in the 1990s as a junior traffic reporter. Her humble beginnings for a few radio channels opened the door for greater jobs. She eventually became the broadcast journalist in KPRCH2 from 1993. Dominique Sachse did her job as a reporter extremely well. She was awarded the Emmy Award twice for her excellent performance. Dominique Sachse also used Youtube to teach her tips and also worked at Houston news.

Sachse has led an extravagant lifestyle. She has made a fortune by being excellent at her job and also through her well attended Youtube channel. It is rumored that her house is worth morme than $10 million and occupies an area of more than 5000 square feet. She has been married twice, with her latest husband Nick Florescu. Together they have six children. Since 20 May 2012, they have been married without any signs of marital problems.

Watch Dominique Sachse back in 1993:

Watch Dominique Sachse interviewing her guest in a recent video. She looks hotter with age it seems:

Dominique Sachse and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox injections are popular remedies for wrinkles and fine lines. Saggy faces make a person look haggard and old. Due to the decreased production of collagen, facial skin tends to sag with age. For Dominique Sachse, her recent photos show an unnatural look.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

An overdose of botox results in an artificial look. The patient will experience difficulty in facial expressions because he or she will look slightly “lumpy”. The face will also be filled with unnatural edges and bumps. This is getting evident on Dominique Sachse’s face. But she has never publicly admitted to using botox so its hard to determine for sure.

Dominique Sachse and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are one of the most common plastic surgeries in United States. However, despite being popular, nose jobs are still prone to the occasional botched job. Generally, most patients desire a sharper nose tip with a narrower nose bridge. Some go to the extent of even shrinking their nostril size.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Instagram

For Dominique Sachse, her before and after photos show distinct differences in nose shape. The upper part of her nose bridge does not seem so “bumpy” in her later photos. Her nose tip in the later photos also look slightly overdone and unnatural. But whether she really did a nose job is hard to tell, only she knows the truth.

Dominique Sachse and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast augmentation is commonly used to reshape the breasts or to correct uneven sized boobs. Some refer to it as a boob job. Most women opt to undergo a boob job to enlarge their breast size. Increased breast size is known to increase confidence in many women.


For Dominique Sachse, some of the before and after photos show a remarkable increase in breast size. Some say its due to the clever use of push up bra while some insist that the outcome is due to surgical procedures. While we cannot conclude what is the actual cause, it is clear to see that something was done to achieve that “bigger bust” look.

Dominique Sachse and Facelift Rumors

One of the first options when it comes to reversing the effects of aging is a facelift. Facelifts, though a painful procedure, is preferred by many celebrities because of its instant visible effect. However, excessive facelifts can cause a very taut and tight facial skin look.

For Dominique Sachse, her face is void of wrinkles and crows feet. There is a possibility of a facelift but it could also mean clever makeup was used to cover the fine lines. After all, she is still in her 50s where fine lines can still be concealed with thick makeup. But her exceptionally young and fine looks continue to fuel the possibility of plastic surgery. One thing though, her face does not show signs of excessive facelifts. Her skin still looks supple and have ample volume.

Overall, Dominique Sachse has managed to preserve her beauty well. Yes, she might look slightly unnatural at certain angles but overall, she did a great job. Not many women could look as young as her in their 50s. It is admirable that Dominique Sachse has tremendous pride in her work. She understands the need to look fresh and good in front of the camera at all times. That is not only being responsible for her own career but also earning the respect of her loyal audience as well. Whatever she did or did not do, she has done an amazing job in preserving her beauty. What do you think of Dominique Sachse plastic surgery rumors?

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Joan Rivers Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Joan Rivers, best remembered for her witty remarks and comedy, has been the topic of plastic surgery transformation for many years. Before her death, there were numerous speculations about her plastic surgeries. Many sought to get hold of pictures of Joan Rivers before plastic surgery. Some might argue that her plastic surgery procedures added to her fame, while others say that those rumors put a dent to her legacy. Whichever way you look at it, there is no denying that Joan Rivers has contributed a lot to the entertainment industry. And being a lifelong philanthropist, it is evident that Joan Rivers had a loving heart for the less fortunate.


Joan Rivers was an American comedian, actress, writer, producer and television host. Though her comedic persona is not accepted by everyone, she has proven to be successful beyond doubt. Her appearances in Candid Camera captured the hearts of fans. She played “the lure” to attract unsuspecting “victims” to the funny scenarios. This role opened doors to many of her future projects.

Joan Rivers has always credited Johnny Carson as her long time mentor. And indeed, she was a great student. Johnny Carson was her first guest on That Show with Joan Rivers too. Joan Rivers also hosted her own The Joan Rivers Show from 1989 to 1993. She was so successful that a documentary was produced about her called Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work in 2010. Even up till 2014 before her death, she was featured with her daughter, Melissa Rivers in the reality series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

Watch Joan Rivers with Johnny Carson in the video below. Fantastic video:

Watch another video of Joan Rivers below with Barbara Walters:

Watch Joan Rivers in an interview with Jimmy Fallon:

Joan Rivers Before Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers looked beautiful before all her plastic surgeries. She was not only talented but also attractive. Her witty humor and beautiful looks were a great combination for early success. There were hardly any wrinkles to signs of aging then.

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) John Shearer AP

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) John Shearer AP

But then, age caught up with Joan Rivers. As an attempt to keep looking young, Joan Rivers resorted to going under the knife. There were so many rumored plastic surgeries that Joan Rivers once commented “I wish I had a twin sister so that I may actually know what I look like without plastic surgery”. She even joked that she did not undergo just one or two plastic surgeries, but more than 700. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include a nose job, skin peel, botox injections and many others.

It is rumored that she started her plastic surgery procedures early in life. As early as the college days, she underwent a nose job to create the perfect nose shape she wanted. Then in her 30s, she was rumored to have underwent an eye lift back in 1965.

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram

Those procedures might have encouraged her to opt for further surgical enhancement as Joan Rivers was at the top of her game at that time. And the results of the procedures were not bad at all. When you look at her earlier photos when she was in her 30s and 40s, she looked every part a stunning woman should be.

Even in her 50s, Joan Rivers tried hard to maintain her looks. Some say that she has undergone multiple facelifts to attain her wrinkle free disposition. Nobody commented much on the suspected transformation then as everything seemed to go smoothly.

And in the early 2000s, that was when there were signs of plastic surgery overdose. Her face started to look lumpy and artificial. Perhaps her everlasting quest to remove wrinkles has taken a toll. Though one must admit she looked nowhere near her real age of 80 plus, she looked unreal and constricted in expressions. Her cheeks and forehead looked immovable. Her smile just lack the sincerity she had in her earlier days.

Throughout Joan Rivers career, she has made no apologies for her plastic surgeries. Some reports suggest that she had further plastic surgeries like liposuction, breast reduction and tummy tuck. Her chin was rumored to have undergone surgery to make it look more refined. And who can forget the lip fillers.

Joan Rivers Sudden Death

Joan Rivers was well known for her comment “Looking 50 is great – if you’re 60”. Seems like Joan Rivers set for herself a target of always looking 10 years younger than her actual age.


Unfortunately, her pursuit for everlasting beauty was probably the main cause of her death. Some say that it was due to her repetitive plastic surgeries that led to her sudden cardiac arrest. There were speculations about the endoscopy procedure that never had any definitive conclusions.

Nonetheless, the contributions of Joan Rivers in the entertainment industry are numerous. One cannot deny that she started a new wave of comedy shows in her early years. It was definitely not easy for any person to do that in the early years of television. Let’s appreciate the jibes and jokes she has brought up over the years. Her plastic surgeries might be numerous, but her lifetime contributions were much more. May her rest in peace.

Rexella Van Impe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Rexella Van Impe Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Rexella Van Impe has been a major topic of discussion among plastic surgery gossip. Due to her most recognised role as a Televangelist, such speculations only fuel debate among netizens. Some feel that if she had undergone the knife, it defeats all the evangelistic efforts she demonstrated on television. As religions tend to be a sensitive topic, we rather focus on how young she looks now compared to earlier years. One thing is for sure, Rexella Van Impe does not look her actual age. Some of Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery speculations include Botox, facelifts and chin surgery.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Photo Credit: Youtube

Born on 29 November 1932, Rexella Van Impe is already 83 years old! However, when you look at her photos, she looks nowhere near her real age. Her smooth complexion and the lack of crows feet or smile lines are incredible feats. If her birthday is not revealed, you would never have guessed her actual age just by looking at the photos.

She is an actress and writer with an experience in American Television industry. She is also known for America’s Future (2002), Day Eight: Planet Earth Forever and The Mark of the Beast. (1997). She got married to her husband Jack Van Impe, an American televangelist who spreads the gospel weekly on television. That is when she started to be heavily involved in televangelism.

Her constant appearance on television in the TV program “Jack Van Impe Presents” exposes her to millions of audience every week. Some say its because of her good intentions that’s why God has given her a “never aging” face. Of course that is up to each individual’s opinion. But a lady of her age should not look so wrinkle free. In fact, she does not look 10 years younger than her age – but she looks like she’s only age 50, 30 years younger!

Watch a video where Rexella Van Impe sang a touching song “Were You There” in her younger years:

Compare that to a latest video presented by Rexella Van Impe:

Rexella Van Impe and Botox Rumors

Botox is a popular weapon against deepening fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It is fast, effective and requires short recovery time. It is no surprise that Botox is used worldwide by plastic surgeons to take years off the faces of their clients.

Photos Credit : Youtube

Photos Credit : Youtube

For Rexella Van Impe, her face has always been sharp toward the chin and triangular in shape. As she has always maintained a slim and thin figure, Rexella Van Impe will look out of place even if a slight botox overdose. Though some say that she looks unnatural in her latest photos, seems like she has looked like that all along. So, it is hard to draw a conclusion of she has indeed used botox at all.

Rexella Van Impe and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are another popular procedure. It tugs the facial skin towards the back to “lift” the wrinkles off the face. The result is often positive. But if done too often, the face will looked stretched and thin. Eventually, the facial skin looks like a thin sheet of membrane if done excessively.

Photos Credit: Youtube

Photos Credit: Youtube

For Rexella Van Impe, jealous fans might have sparked the facelift rumors. However, to be fair, her face does not look stretched at all. Yes, she might look younger than her age, but that does not mean she resorted to facelifts to achieve that effect. There are other means to keep herself looking young like regular mud masks, deep penetrating serums and skin creams.

Overall, Rexella Van Impe has managed to remain looking young and chirpy after all these years. To look 10 years younger than the actual age is an amazing feat but to look almost 30 years younger is quite unheard of. Perhaps only matched by Jane Fonda, Rexella Van Impe’s everlasting youth is unparalleled.

Rexella is defiant towards these plastic surgery accusations. She once said “Unlike the cosmetic changes that people sometimes make to camouflage and cover up what they feel is not right about themselves , God’s makeover transforms individuals completely, changing them from the inside out.” We just have to admire her youthful looks and hopefully one day, Rexella Van Impe will share her beauty secrets one day. What do you think of Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery rumors?