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Melissa Gorga Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Melissa Gorga Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Melissa Gorga is an American reality television personality who is famous for her role in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Making her debut during the third season, she quickly became one of the most recognised faces of the show. Her friend on the show, Jacqueline Laurita suggested that Melissa Gorga have undergone at least a nose job to look the way she is now. But her allegations have mostly been refuted by Gorga until recently. At age 37, Melissa Gorga does look younger than her age. But the question remains what plastic surgery she has underwent.

Photo Credit: (left) Andrei Jackamets NBC Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Andrei Jackamets NBC Getty Images

Who is Melissa Gorga?

Besides her role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga is also an author, designer and singer. She released her first single on iTunes “On Display” on iTunes on 13 August 2011. On 29 April 2012, Gorga released on iTunes “How Many Times”. And on 10 June 2012, Gorga released “Rockstar”. In September 2012, Gorga released another single “I Just Wanna”, which was written by Santino Noir, a well known hip hop singer.

Watch Melissa Gorga performing in her own music video for the single “I Just Wanna” below. Hey she sounds pretty good :

Melissa Gorga is also an enterprising woman. She launched her jewelry line on HSN TV in 2014 and has consistently sold very nice jewelry pieces since. Watch a video of Melissa introducing her line of jewelry below:

As if that is not enough, Melissa Gorga extended her brand to a clothing boutique called Envy. Melissa Gorga’s taste in fashion is definitely superb as she introduces the top 5 summer styles in the video below:

There is no doubt that Melissa Gorga is an intelligent, bold and confident woman who has ventured out beyond her fame on television. Despite being a mother to 3 kids, it is amazing that Melissa Gorga is able to find the time to set up and run her businesses. But to answer whether she underwent plastic surgery, one has to look at Melissa Gorga before and after photos to find out.

This is how Melissa Gorga looked like back in 2011. Check out the interview below:

Melissa Gorga Nose Job Admission

For the longest time, Melissa Gorga has denied having any plastic surgery. The heavy speculation surrounding her nose came from one of her good friends Jacqueline Laurita. There were even suggestions that Gorga has undergone four nose jobs to achieve her current nose shape.


Looking at her before and after photos, it is pretty obvious that Gorga’s nose shape has changed. The changes are so significant that it cannot be due to natural means. After all, she was already a grown up woman since her debut on the show. Her nose looked more bulbous in her earlier photos. Her current nose tip is much sharper, accompanied by a narrower nose bridge.


Melissa Gorga eventually admitted to having a nose job. Her reason why she has kept it as a secret was because of her kids. She said “I have children, and there are certain things I don’t feel like I need to blurt all over the world.That’s private, it has to do with me, myself and I. That was one of the things I wanted to keep to myself. Unfortunately, I had a crappy friend who has told the world for me.” Her friend is none other than Jacqueline Laurita.


On her nose job, Melissa Gorga had this to say “Let’s be honest, it’s the worst-kept secret that I’ve had a nose job, but it’s my secret to tell, not hers (Laurita).”

So now we all know that the “contouring theory” is not true after all. Gorga’s admission confirms the long running suspicion that she underwent a nose job. Her nose job is considered a huge success as she looks sharper and more elegant today. She did not overdo it on her nose and if you hadn’t known how she looked like earlier, you wouldn’t even suspect that a nose job was performed.


Melissa Gorga’s courage to admit to the nose job is commendable. Not many celebrities could stand up and own up to their plastic surgery procedures. They fear of a backlash from their fans. But maybe its easier for Melissa Gorga because she knew that her nose job is a huge success.

Nose job or not, it is in our wish that Melissa Gorga stay beautiful always. For a mum with 3 kids, and the owner of at least two businesses, we must say that Melissa Gorga has done an amazing job to keep herself looking so good. Let’s look forward to more Melissa Gorga appearances on RHONJ (The Real Housewives of New Jersey) in the years to come. What do you think of Melissa Gorga nose job? Success or no?

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Erica Durance Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Erica Durance is a Canadian actress, producer and director. Her unforgettable appearances as Lois Lane on the television series Smallville has left a deep impression with fans. With her everlasting good looks, plastic surgery gossip started to surface. Call it jealousy or envy, beautiful celebrities who manage to defy the effects of aging are often subjected to such gossip. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a boob job and a nose job. Some say Erica Durance does not look her age.

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Getty Images, (right) Sonia Recchia Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Getty Images, (right) Sonia Recchia Getty Images

Who is Erica Durance?

Erica Durance was born 21 June 1978 in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Training as a classical singer from young, Durance went to Vancouver to develop her acting career. It was in 2004 when she played a bit part role in The Chris Issak Show as a hot date with Chris. It was in the same year when Durance had a breakthrough as Lois Lane on the Superman series.

Watch Erica Durance in an interview back in 2008 about her Lois Lane role:

And this is a close up interview on BuddyTV back in 2008:

Compare that to a “Dr” Erica Durance interview below:

Durance had such a successful run as Lois Lane that she lasted seven seasons and earned three Saturn Award nominations for her performances. Her stay on the television series made her a household name.

Here are some photos of Durance during her earlier season and a later season of Smallville. Do you see any difference?



Durance had this to say about her role as Lois Lane “Everyone has their specific idea of who Lois Lane is for them, and you have your overall blueprint, but then you have to try to make it your own. That’s the only way to try to stay truthful to what you’re doing. It’s an experience I will cherish always and never forget. Lois is a beloved character. I took that seriously and put my heart and soul into her for seven years. I enjoyed every minute and am forever changed by it.”

After her long run in Smallville, Durance guest starred in several other shows, including Charlie’s Angels, Harry’s Law and Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. Her next major role came in 2012 when she played Alex Reid in the medical series Saving Hope. Erica Durance was so dedicated to her work that she incorporated her own real life pregnancy into the storyline of the show.

Her numerous achievements has propelled her to the limelight despite little exposure to blockbuster movies. Other than her Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2005 and 2006 for Smallville, she was also nominated by the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Actress for her role in Saving Hope.

Her beauty and sexy body also earned her numerous recognition. FHM magazine placed Durance as #38 for “100 Sexiest Women in the World” in 2006. This rank will eventually reach #14 in 2009. BuddyTV also had Durance on their list of Sexiest Stars for several years.

Check out her appearances on FHM and MAXIM below:

Photo Credit: (left) FHM, (right) MAXIM

Photo Credit: (left) FHM, (right) MAXIM

As such, it is important that Erica Durance maintains her body and looks for years to come. It is definitely not easy keeping herself looking so fabulous all the time. But the question remains : Did she use plastic surgery to keep herself looking fantastic?

Erica Durance and Boob Job Rumors

Boob jobs are popular among celebrities. Having sizeable boobs will attract more movie opportunities. Having big boobs increase the marketability and sex appeal of the female celebrity instantly. But breast augmentation is not without its risks. Reports of botched boob jobs can put some ladies off. However, a boob job is still ranked as one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world today.

Photo Credit: (left) Jean-Paul Aussenard Getty Images, (right) Sonia Recchia Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jean-Paul Aussenard Getty Images, (right) Sonia Recchia Getty Images

For Erica Durance, she already had quite an impressive bust line during her early days. Obviously, there weren’t many complaints from the Lois Lane fans then. Some say that her boobs have increased in size over the years but it seems like surgery did not create that difference. With today’s advancement in bra technology, it is likely that the visually bigger boobs are due to good a good bra fitment.

Photo Credit: (left) Rob Loud Getty Images, (right) George Pimentel Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Rob Loud Getty Images, (right) George Pimentel Getty Images

Furthermore, the upper outline of her boobs are not overly round. Her boobs do not look too tight and taut, which is the common appearance of oversized implants. And since Erica Durance has never publicly admitted to any boob job, it is unlikely she went under the knife to enlarge her boobs.

Erica Durance and Nose Job Rumors

Having a well balanced nose is the dream of many people. For some, they undergo nose jobs to remove unwanted bumps on their nose. There are also some who desire a sharper nose tip and thinner nose bridge. The main objective of a nose job is to reshape the nose to a desired shape and size. Believe it or not, even the nostrils can be reshaped.

Photo Credit: (left) Gregg Degure Getty Images, (right) Sonia Recchia Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Gregg Degure Getty Images, (right) Sonia Recchia Getty Images

While there are intense rumors that Erica Durance has undergone a nose job, there are very little differences in her before and after photos. Some of the earlier photos show a slightly bulbous nose tip but only because the lightings seem flat. The lack of “lighting contours” give the impression that Erica Durance had a rounder and flatter nose than today.

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) George Pimentel Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) George Pimentel Getty Images

Besides, applying the right tone of makeup can make a nose look sharper too. With clever use of colors and tones, a person’s nose can look different. Furthermore, if Erica Durance underwent a nose job, the desired outcome cannot look so similar to her original nose. Who would want to go through the pain and hassle of a nose job to create a similar nose?

And this is what Erica Durance once said about the nose job rumors “These folks don’t know me too well to think that I’ve done rhinoplasty and all those things. Besides the fact that I don’t like the idea of being in surgery and going under, I have these freakish ideas that you’d be awake during surgery and it totally freaks me out.”

Erica Durance has never admitted to the plastic surgery rumors. Her current appearance seems completely natural. It is nice to know that Erica Durance has maintained her beauty through natural means. Even if she did undergo some procedures, they are too subtle to be noticed. After all, with such a hot body and look, she does not need any plastic surgery done for the time being. What do you think of Erica Durance plastic surgery rumors?

Kate Wright Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After

Did Kate Wright Undergo Plastic Surgery?

TOWIE Star, Kate Wright, has always been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Her big boobs and flawless skin has led many to believe that she went under the knife. Her constant updates on Instagram showing her curvy figure just fuels more plastic surgery speculations. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a boob job and the use of lip fillers.

As Kate Wright is a relatively newcomer to the scene, not much is known about her. Before she attained fame on TOWIE, she worked in a bank. Previously, she was in a relationship with Dan Edgar, who is also famous because of the TOWIE show. As very little is known about Kate Wright other than her age (25), there is hardly any “before” photos to do comparison with. Most of her photos are quite recent. One can only speculate plastic surgery possibilities by observing the current photos.


Watch a short snippet of Kate Wright in TOWIE:

Watch how Kate Wright Came onto the TOWIE Series:

Kate Wright and Boob Job Rumors

Boob jobs are one of the most sought after plastic surgeries in America today. The instant increase in boob size correlates to a boost in self confidence. Those who are blessed with natural big boobs have a distinct edge against surgically enhanced boobs. Natural boobs tend to look better without the artificial “rounded” upper lines of the breasts. Surgically enhanced boobs also look tight and taut, almost to the point of exploding.


However, for Kate Wright, though she has an impressive set of big boobs, her boobs look natural. There is none of the taut and tight signs we see of breast implants patients. Furthermore, in a recent interview in OK! Online, she denies the plastic surgery accusations vehemently. When asked about those plastic surgery rumors, Kate Wright said “At first it used to really really annoy me, I felt like people always had to find the negative in any situation on social media, there’s always someone saying ‘this can’t be real’ and stuff.

Photo Credit: (right) REX

Photo Credit: (right) REX

“That’s why I started using Snapchat more, because you can’t edit your photos on there, so people can realise it’s not edited. I try and take it as a compliment that people would think that it would be edited for it to look like that though.”

So, it is unlikely that Kate Wright has undergone breast implant surgery or breast augmentation. If not she would have admitted it straightaway.

Kate Wright and Lip Fillers Rumors

Having thicker and pumped up lips can increase the sex appeal. However, some celebrities overdo the lip fillers and end up with swollen lips. Just ask Farrah Abraham how she felt.

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Furniss, (right) WENN

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Furniss, (right) WENN

For Kate Wright, her lips are not overdone at all. Perhaps she understands that “less is more” when it comes to lip fillers. Just pump up to the right size, not to the jumbo size. Her lips look superb and Kate just looks hot. In fact, her use of lip fillers are no longer rumors as she admitted to using them during the interview with OK! Online.

Photo Credit: (right) Simon Ford REX

Photo Credit: (right) Simon Ford REX

Kate said “I have had some fillers in my lip, but I haven’t had any form of surgery done on my face. People say I’ve had my boobs done as well, but let them think what they want to think.”

“I’ve tried to explain myself a few times and I think ‘I don’t need to explain myself to these people,’ it used to bother me a bit but I am over that now.”

So it looks like Kate Wright has got everything in their natural state other than her lips. She attributes her good looks to living an active lifestyle. She goes to the gym at least three times a week to maintain her body in good shape. She said “I’ve always been really sporty, I did a lot of sport at school, the show makes you feel like you need to look good but I’ve always been into the gym, I’ve been addicted to it since I was young, so the show hasn’t changed that.”

Whatever it is, many fans would prefer that she has stayed natural. Fact is, there is no evidence to show the contrary. So, lets look forward to more features on Kate Wright on the television. Watch once, and  you will never miss an episode again. What do you think of Kate Wright plastic surgery rumors?

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Victoria Principal Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Victoria Principal, one of the sexiest stars during her prime, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors. It all started when she got older while still looking flawless and wrinkle-free. Principal is best remembered for her role in the television drama series Dallas. Despite being in her 60s, Victoria Principal has consistently managed to look at least a decade younger. Some of Victoria Principal alleged plastic surgeries include botox injections, facial fillers, face lift, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation.


Who is Victoria Principal?

Victoria Principal is an American actress, author and businesswoman. Born in Fukuoka, Japan, Principal moved to Hollywood in 1970 with hardly any cash or status. Her resilience proved to be her greatest strength as she worked hard to get a car just 9 months later. Her persistence saw her earning her role as Marie Elena in the show The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean in 1972. She rose to prominence with that role, being recognised for a Golden Globe Nomination for Most Promising Newcomer.

Watch a young Victoria Principal being interviewed:

Watch Victoria Principal in a swimsuit scene in Dallas:

And here is Victoria Principal talking about her skin care products Principal Secret:

Her rise to stardom was not a bed of roses. Her film, The Naked Ape, did not have the box office success as expected. But that flop did not stop Victoria Principal. She picked up the pieces are started in appearing in minor films such as I Will, I Will… for Now and Vigilante Force.

Her biggest break came in 1977 when Aaron Spelling offered her to be in the cast of Fantasy Island. When she got the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing in Dallas, the rest is history. The popularity of Dallas propelled her to fame and fortune.

But fame and fortune is not everything to Victoria Principal. Her philanthropy work is well known throughout the entertainment industry. Victoria Principal can contributed immensely to notable causes, including but not limited to the 2008 California wildfires and the Deepwater Horizon explosion in 2010. Her latest efforts include the Moki fund, which funds and provides for animal rescue missions. She has truly used her fame and achievements for great causes.

Victoria Principal and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Celebrities have the financial ability to hire the best plastic surgeons. But that does not mean that botched jobs do not occur. Fortunately for Victoria Principal, whatever procedure she went through seems to come out well. Looking at her before and after photos, she does have very little wrinkles for her age. But that comes at a price because her face does not look so natural. Indeed, she does have the plasticky look that usually accompanies Botox users.


Despite her unnatural appearance, Victoria Principal has denied all the plastic surgery accusations. However, many choose not to believe her words. Some even suggested that her husband, Dr Harry Glassman, introduced plastic surgery to her. With a plastic surgeon as husband, it is only natural that intense speculations will develop.

Victoria Principal and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox injections have become a common plastic surgery procedure. One of the most effective weapons against wrinkles, botox has been widely used by celebrities and the common people alike. Its ease of application and relatively affordable cost makes it a favorite among plastic surgery advocates.


For Victoria Principal, her face does look slightly plasticky and lumpy. Some users of botox go overboard and inject too much onto their faces. Their goal is to remove every single wrinkle on the face. However, when overused, botox can create weird look on the face. That is how Victoria Principal looks like today.

But since she has never admitted to any plastic surgery, its hard to tell if she really went for it.

Victoria Principal and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are one of the most popular plastic surgeries in America today. It is used to reduce the wrinkles on the face and improve the overall skin appearance. The process involves the tightening of facial muscles to create a more beautiful appearance. In the process, excess fats and skin are being removed to get rid of any tired look. Many times, its hard to tell if a person underwent a facelift. This is because a skilled plastic surgeon will make minimal incisions, leaving behind very little visible scars.

It is encouraging to known that most of the facelift patients felt that the procedure is well worth the pain and wait.

For Victoria Principal, her ultra smooth skin has resulted in much facelift speculation. It does not help that her face is looking tighter over the years. A tight and taut face is a tell tale sign of multiple or excessive facelift procedures. Despite Victora Principal’s constant denials, many observers still believe that she underwent a series of facelifts.

Victoria Principal and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

When a celebrity grows old without much wrinkles around the eyes, plastic surgery rumors will start to surface. For Victoria Principal, the absence of crows’ feet at the edges of her eyes has aroused much speculation. As eyes are the windows to the soul, any wrinkles around the eyes will make a person look much older.


An eyelid surgery is used to remove the excess folds of skin in the upper and lower eyelids. As a person age, the elasticity of the skin decreases. Thus, it is necessary to remove some of the excess skin to stay looking young.

For Victoria Principal, her eyes seem to defy the aging process. The original sparkle in her eyes is still evident. When you compare photos taken more than 20 years ago, you cannot see any difference in her eyes and the area around the eyes. It is incredible for her to keep her eyes looking so young and void of fine lines. Did she undergo eyelid surgery to achieve it? What do you think looking at the before and after photos?

Victoria Principal and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Many women desire to have an “hourglass” figure. However, no hourglass figure can be achieved without a set of big boobs. That explains why breast augmentation surgeries rank amongst the top in America. Despite the pain and the post surgery risks, many women flock to plastic surgeons in search for bigger breasts.




For Victoria Principal, her boobs have always been her biggest assets. She is well known for her well proportioned figure and has even posed nude for Playboy in 1973. Throughout her career, there was not a time when she was having small boobs. Thus, to say that she had breast implant surgery or breast augmentation is rather absurd. Take a look at her before and after photos. Other than the effects of aging, did you see a huge boost in boob size?

Victoria Principal and Lip Fillers Rumors

Many women (not all men) regard thicker and fuller lips as more attractive. As with any effective plastic surgery, some patients tend to go overboard. They end up with swollen lips. So, instead of achieving a more balanced face, they have pouty lips. Excessive lip fillers can cause a hideous appearance. However, the process is reversible, it just takes some time for the fillers to go off after several months.

For Victoria Principal, her current lips look slightly plump and full. Whether she underwent lip filler surgery is anyone’s guess. Though she did not overdo any plastic surgery process, we believe some of her fans would have preferred her to age gracefully and naturally.

Victoria Principal and Her Own “Principal Secret” Skin Care Line

Victoria Principal is not only a famous actress but an astute businesswoman. She use her fame and looks to launch her own brand of skin care products aptly name “Principal Secret”. Perhaps the products she represent are the secrets to her everlasting youth.

Victoria Principal once said “It’s sad when I see a woman who has done things to herself in an effort to look younger, and instead she looks some way she never looked before.” Does this mean that she has not undergone any plastic surgery? Only Victoria Principal knows for sure.

Plastic surgery or not, there is no denying that Victoria Principal looks splendid for her age. Her impeccable red carpet appearances continue to wow fans and audiences. Did her plastic surgeon husband play a part in retaining her beauty? Only Principal knows. What do you think of Victoria Principal plastic surgery rumors?

Kathleen Robertson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Kathleen Robertson Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Kathleen Robertson is a popular Canadian actress and producer. She started her career in 1990 as Tina Edison in the Canadian sitcom Maniac Mansion. She got recognised for her role and was nominated for Young Artist Awards. Kathleen Robertson was born on 8 July 1973 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and made huge inroads in the America entertainment scene. Her first venture into film was Blown Away, playing a small role alongside Corey Haim and Nicole Eggert. Now in her 40s, Kathleen Robertson could be trying hard to hide her true age. As the effects of aging set in, it is possible that Kathleen Robertson resorted to plastic surgery to keep herself looking younger than ever.


Starting out on television shows, Kathleen Robertson got the attention of the media when she played the role of Clare Arnold in Beverly Hills 90210. She stayed on the cast of the show from 1994 to 1997. In 1997, she followed up her notable performance with the drama film Nowhere. After that she acted in a series of films, including Splendor (1999), Dog Park (1998), Beautiful (2000) and Scary Movie 2 (2001). Robertson also played a role in the drama series Girls Club, which unfortunately, did not last long. Her long string of appearances in independent films include Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI: Miami and Rookie Blue.


From 2006 to 2007, Kathleen Robertson continued to appear in Hollywoodland film and The Business, a popular Canadian Comedy collection. From 2011 to 2014, Robertson played roles in the drama series Boss, Murder in the First and Bates Motel. Her prowess in television films was felt as she went on to star in  Last Exit, Time of Death and Mr Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story. As Kathleen Robertson is still active in her acting career, her appearance is subject to scrutiny. Some say that she has undergone rhinoplasty and breast implants surgery.

Watch Kathleen Robertson play her role as Clare in 90210 below:

Watch Kathleen Robertson in her nerdy glasses – and STILL LOOK BEAUTIFUL:

Compare that to a recent interview on Issue Magazine. Kathleen Robertson does not seem to age at all:

Kathleen Robertson and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are used to change the shape of a person’s nose. Most people opt to have a sharper nose tip with a slightly protruding nose bridge. Though some nose jobs are used to repair a birth defect, most nose jobs are for vanity reasons. Some of the common changes include the size, angle, the nose tip, the size of the nostrils and the bridge thickness. Generally the nasal bone needs to be fully grown before the nose job is done. For girls, the nasal bone should be fully developed by age 18.


For Kathleen Robertson, some say that earlier photos of her show a more bulbous nose tip. But after looking at Kathleen Robertson’s before and after photos, its clear to see that her nose shape has remained the same. Even the size of her nostrils are the same. The thickness of her nose bridge has remained proportional to the rest of her facial features. It is hard to understand why nose job rumors surfaced in the first place. Surely, if Kathleen Robertson underwent a nose job, more changes would have been requested.

Some of the differences in her nose shape could very well be due to the position of the camera or the makeup of Kathleen Robertson. Different colors of makeup could cause the minor differences in her nose shape. But it is very unlikely that she underwent a nose job.

Kathleen Robertson and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast implants surgery is a common plastic surgery in America today. The promise of a healthy set of big boobs is attractive to many women. But even with today’s technology and enhancements over the years, breast augmentation surgeries are fraught with risks. Some reports suggest that silicon implants might not be totally safe. But with many celebrities showing off their enhanced cleavages, many women flock to renowned plastic surgeons to get their boobs enlarged.



For Kathleen Robertson, her earlier photos already show an impressive set of boobs. In Kathleen Robertson before and after photos, there seems to be no difference in her boob size at all. Some might argue that she might have gone for a boob job at a very young age. But that is unlikely as some of her earlier photos were taken at a truly young age and having a boob job at that age is improbable.


Overall, Kathleen Robertson has never publicly deny or admit to the plastic surgery allegations. Looking at her changes over the years, Kathleen Robertson has aged naturally. She changes her hairstyle now and then to adopt a different image to great effect. Her boobs, though large by any standards, do not seem to be surgically enhanced. To look so beautiful at her age after almost 20 years in entertainment, is an incredible feat. Let’s look forward to more engaging performances by Robertson in the years to come. What do you think of Kathleen Robertson plastic surgery rumors?

Tina Fey Plastic Surgery – Tina Fey Scar Before and After Photos

Did Tina Fey Undergo Plastic Surgery?

One of America’s favorite female comedians, Tina Fey, is the subject of much plastic surgery rumors. The youthful looking actress, comedian, writer and producer has got her look scrutinised by the media constantly. And Tina Fey scar on the left side of her face is also a common hot topic. Despite her revealing on Vanity Fair that the scar was the outcome of a stranger who cut her cheek violently, there are still speculations on what caused the scar. Some of Tina Fey’s plastic surgery allegations include botox injections, facial fillers, nose job and boob job.


Tina Fey is no stranger to plastic surgery, In fact, she made a comment about butt augmentation when she said But I think the first real change in women’s body image came when JLo turned it butt-style.” Though she has never gone for a butt augmentation, it seems like Tina Fey does keep herself updated with the latest plastic surgery trends.

Tina Fey has achieved much in her entertainment career. She was very much involved in the NBC comedy series Saturday Night Live from 1997 to 2006. What started as a writer soon became a major performing role for Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. Her most memorable moments was her impression of Sarah Palin which drew many positive feedback from audiences of the show.

Soon, Tina Fey broke into the film scene when she wrote for the film Mean Girls in 2004. Along the years, she starred in many other films, such as Baby Mama, Date Night, Muppets Most Wanted and Sisters. To say that Tina Fey has achieved much seems to be an understatement. Her numerous achievements include 9 Emmy Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 5 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 4 Writers Guild of America Awards and was also nominated for a Grammy for her book Bossypants. She has won almost everything she could. Not to mention that Tina Fey’s Book, Bossypants, was on top of The New York Times Best Seller List for FIVE WEEKS! Tina Fey is truly a very talented artiste and author.

Watch Tina Fey on the Ellen Show a few years ago and you can see she remains a beauty even when expecting a child:

Compare that to a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon:


And as a bonus, who can forget Tina Fey’s tribute to David Letterman:

Tina Fey and Botox Injection Rumors

One of the widespread plastic surgery rumors about Tina Fey is the use of Botox injections. While Botox has been accepted as a mainstream plastic surgery procedure, there are still cases of excessive applications. An overdose of botox is usually due to the unrealistic expectations of the patient. While less wrinkles will make a person look younger, a face void of any wrinkles will make a person look unnatural. That is what botox can do to you if you overuse it.

See how Tina Fey has changed through the years:

Photo credit: (left) Seth Poppel Yearbook Library, (right) Ellen Matthews Wireimage

Photo credit: (left) Seth Poppel Yearbook Library, (right) Ellen Matthews Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Robin Platzer Filmmagic, (right) Armando Gallo Retna

Photo Credit: (left) Robin Platzer Filmmagic, (right) Armando Gallo Retna

Photo credit: (left) Gilbert Flores Celebrity Photo, (right) Paul Hawthorne Startraks

Photo credit: (left) Gilbert Flores Celebrity Photo, (right) Paul Hawthorne Startraks

Photo Credit: (left) Fame Pictures

Photo Credit: (left) Fame Pictures

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Jason Merritt Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Jason Merritt Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Nicholas Hunt Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Nicholas Hunt Getty Images

For Tina Fey, some viewers say that her forehead look unbelievably smooth. Her cheeks also look lifted. While both observations are true, they do not automatically mean that Tina Fey has undergone Botox injections. After all, Tina Fey is only in her mid 40s and we do not expect her to show excessive signs of aging. Her face still looks natural and there are not many hints of botox injections. Some of her later photos look slightly unnatural, which can be caused by thick makeup. Come on, think of the days when you put on so much makeup that your friends could not recognise you. That could have been the case for Tina Fey.

Tina Fey and Nose Job Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery in United States in the nose job. Any surgery done on the nose can be noticed straightaway. Because if its not noticed, why perform the surgery in the first place? However, nose jobs are very delicate procedures. Any mistake could cause many revision rhinoplasty sessions. And sometimes, the original nose could prove to be better looking.

A common desire result of a nose job is a sharper nose with a narrower nose bridge. For Tina Fey, her before and after photos show very slight difference in her nose shape. Even during her younger days, she already has a rather sharp nose. Her nose was in perfect balance with the rest of her facial features. It feels rather strange that she would even think about fixing her nose at all.

With her nose maintaining an identical shape over the years, its unlikely that Tina Fey has undergone a nose job. Besides, if she opted for a nose job, why is there hardly any differences?

Tina Fey and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Another favourite Tina Fey plastic surgery rumor is the possibility of breast augmentation. Big boobs are the highlight of any man’s undivided attention. Big boobs can also provide much confidence boost in women. Thus despite all the risks involved in boob jobs, they are still pretty popular.


For Tina Fey, some netizens insist that she has gone for breast implants surgery. Well, taking a look at her pictures over the years, her increase in boob size ain’t that spectacular. Besides, those tell tale signs of breast augmentation, which include the round upper outline of the boobs and tight looking boobs, are all absent from Tina Fey.

Yes, there might be some perceived increased in boob size in some photos. But those differences could be caused by the clever use of push up bras. Wearing dresses with internal padding could also result in “bigger boobs” too. One point to note is that Tina Fey has always been consistent in response to plastic surgery rumors. Her answer has always been a no towards plastic surgery. She did express that she prefers to grow old gracefully than to have some procedure done.

Overall, Tina Fey has managed to defy the effects of aging. However, she is only approaching mid 40s now and the anti-aging battle is not yet full blown. She will face greater challenges to ward off those wrinkles as she approaches age 50. It is unlikely that she has undergone any plastic surgery. Let’s appreciate Tina Fey the way she is and look forward to more of her film productions. What do you think of Tina Fey plastic surgery rumors?