Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Kerry Washington Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Kerry Washington is one of the stars for Colored Girls. Kerry has always carried herself well and is known as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. However, her latest appearances have looked slightly unnatural, prompting new plastic surgery speculations. Some of her plastic surgery rumors includes a nose job, eye lid surgery, Botox injections, facial fillers, lip fillers and even cheek augmentation. As Kerry has never publicly admitted to having any work done, we only have Kerry’s before and after pictures to comment on.

Photo Credit : (right) Getty Images Kevork Djansezian

Photo Credit : (right) Getty Images Kevork Djansezian

Kerry Washington is a famous American actress. Many of her fans adore her for the role in Scandal where she plays Olivia Pope. For her popular role, she has been nominate twice for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series. Kerry is so successful in her career that in April 2014, Time Magazine featured her in their annual “Time 100” list. Perhaps her great success on screen made maintaining her good looks a top priority.

Watch Kerry Washington in an interview about 8 years ago:

Compare that with her recent interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Kerry Washington looks GORGEOUS:

Kerry Washington and Botox Rumors

Botox, since its invention and discovery, have had great success in the plastic surgery world. Women who want a quick solution to surfacing wrinkles, opt to go for Botox injections, which have proven to be effective. However, some actresses carry it a bit too far, resulting in ridiculous botched jobs. Instead of making them look better, they look like they have stuffed too much silicone on their faces.

Photo credit: (right) Getty Images Anthony Harvey

Photo credit: (right) Getty Images Anthony Harvey

For Kerry Washington, her face still looks natural despite all the botox speculations. After all, Kerry is still relatively young at age 39. Even if she has wrinkles, it does not take a huge dosage of botox to solve the problem. Whether she has had botox is hard to tell. Perhaps she had it in small amounts or none at all. Her smiles still look natural and there seems no restraints on her facial expressions.

She just looks fabulous for her age so far.

Kerry Washington and Nose Job Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery option is the nose job. Also known as rhinoplasty, the nose job can be  an irreversible disaster when done wrong. As such, the selection of a skilled plastic surgery is of utmost importance. Having an inexperienced plastic surgeon will cost you a heavier price in the long run.

Photo credit: (right) AP Photo Andrew Harnik

Photo credit: (right) AP Photo Andrew Harnik

For Kerry Washington, her nose does look slightly different from her younger days. Her nose bridge looks narrower now and her nose tip looks more defined. However, such changes need not necessarily be due to a nose job. A weight change can result in such differences. This is because her nose shape changes are not drastic.

There is no strong evidence that she has undergone an extensive nose job. Over the years ,her nose shape remains relatively the same. Thus, it is still inconclusive whether she has undergone rhinoplasty.

Kerry Washington and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Eyelid surgery is common among celebrities as they want to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes. Eyes show the first signs of aging as fine lines tend to develop there. At the same time, eyelid surgery enables the eyes to look bigger and wider. Bigger eyes is more desirable as they make a lady look much prettier and elegant.

Photo Credit: (right) Paul Morigi Wireimage

Photo Credit: (right) Paul Morigi Wireimage

For Kerry Washington, her eyes do look slightly bigger. However, as there are lots of makeup tricks for eyes, it is hard to tell if her present eyes are the result of plastic surgery. Clever makeup around the eyes, especially with today’s eyeliners and eye shadows, can make a person’s eyes look much bigger. It is still hard to tell if she did anything to her eyes. But she definitely looks better now.

Kerry Washington and Cheek implants Rumors

Another popular speculation about Kerry Washington is cheek implants. Cheek implants are used to lift a person’s cheeks so that they look younger and perkier. Usually, this procedure is for older people in their mid 40s but nowadays, anything is possible.

For Kerry Washington, she used to have normal looking cheeks. Her recent appearance with obviously lifted cheeks sparked the cheek implants rumors. No amount of facial exercise is able to produce the dramatic cheek lifting effect on Kerry Washington. Thus, there is little doubt that she has done something to her cheeks. It could be facial fillers or Botox. A major cheek implant surgery cannot be ruled out. However, only Kerry knows the answer. Nonetheless, those lifted cheeks make her look years younger. Somehow, her face looks slimmer with the lifted cheeks too.

Looking young is the dream of every woman, including Kerry Washington. Some say that she even went to whiten her skin. But we do not see much evidence to back that claim. Whatever it may be, Kerry Washington seems to look better with age. Her age defying looks has netizens speculating and wondering. Other than her lifted cheeks, most of the allegations seem hard to believe. What do you think of Kerry Washington plastic surgery rumors?