Faryal Makhdoom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Faryal Makhdoom Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Being called Michael Jackson is one of the biggest praises one can ever get. But if its because of your appearance rather than your vocal talent, it is downright insulting. This is why Faryal Makhdoom got pretty upset when Amir Khan’s siblings labeled her fake. But did Faryal Makhdoom really undergo the knife?

Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery rumors arose due to her feud with some of Amir’s family members. But what were the differences between a younger Faryal Makhdoom and the present Faryal Makhdoom? Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include lip fillers, a nose job and cheek augmentation.

Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Faryal Makhdoom?

Faryal Makhdoom was born on July 27,1991 in Brooklyn, New York. She is famous for being the wife of 2004 Olympic Silver Medallist and Former Champion of The World Boxer – Amir Khan.

Before her marriage to Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom was just a normal commoner. She attended the Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences with a double major in political science and journalism. She has a Pakistani background. She gave birth to Lamaisah Khan in May 2014.

Faryal Makhdoom Before Plastic Surgery

Before plastic surgery, Faryal Makhdoom was one of the most beautiful wives of boxers. Her gorgeous big eyes, big smile and her high cheekbones made her a very desirable woman. One could say that she was a “model” without being a model.

But her her recent appearances on television were shocking to say the least.

Check out the photos below and you will agree that Faryal Makhdoom looked beautiful. Not to mention Amir Khan looked like a perfect gentleman in the photos:

Watch a recent interview with Faryal Makhdoom below. She looked very unnatural:

Faryal Makhdoom and Nose job Rumors

A nose job is used to reshape the nose. Some find their noses too round or too big. Some figured that they look better with a thinner nose bridge. Others insist that their nostrils need some resizing. Whatever it may be, a nose job is not a simple procedure. It requires the precision of a skilled surgeon to have any chance of success.

For Faryal Makhdoom, her earlier pictures showcase a perfect nose. One can never understand why she would do anything to her nose. But recent photos show a nose that is ultra sharp at the tip. The slight “bump” on her nose tip has miraculously disappeared.

When you look closely at Faryal Makhdoom’s before and after photos, you realise that her nose bridge is much thinner than before. Check them out:

Faryal Makhdoom nose job before and after photos

Faryal Makhdoom nose job before and after pictures

Faryal Makhdoom and Lip Fillers Rumors

Lip fillers are used to pump up the lips. Plumper lips are regarded as sexier by many women. We cannot be sure if men find thicker lips sexy, but many women sure do. Judging by the increasing number of lip filler injections, the lips remain a favourite spot of beauty enhancement.

For Faryal Makhdoom, you can see a distinct difference in the thickness of her lips. Her before and after photos show a dramatic change in her lip size. What was once a set of nice thin lips has turned into a pair of overly thick lips! Check out the before and after photos below:

Faryal Makhdoom lip fillers before and after photos

Faryal Makhdoom lip fillers before and after picture

Credit: (left) Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images

Faryal Makhdoom and Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is used to emphasize the cheeks on a person’s face. Most people do it for vanity reasons. It can involve cheek bone implants made from silicon or other synthetic materials. Incisions are usually made in the mouth of lower eyelids. The results of cheek augmentation can be stunning, removing fine lines and “lifting” the face.

However, when performed unnecessarily, cheek augmentation can turn out to be a major disaster.

For Faryal Makhdoom, her natural cheeks were in perfect balance with the rest of her face. However, in her pursuit for perfection, her cheek augmentation procedure made her look worse. Instead of her natural well defined cheeks, what resulted was a much “flatter” set of cheeks. Those beautiful cheek contours do not accompany her smile anymore.

This is a classic case of fixing something that was perfect to begin with. Check out Faryal Makhdoom cheek augmentation before and after photos.

Faryal Makhdoom cheek augmentation fillers before and after photos

Overall, Faryal Makhdoom has destroyed her good looks using surgical enhancements. We cannot be certain if Faryal Makhdoom underwent the knife. But its pretty clear that something was done to her face. Other than her nose and cheeks, her present face looks very “stiff” and tight. For a person to look this way at such a young age is a pity. Nonetheless, Faryal Makhdoom still retains much of her beauty. What do you think of Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery rumours?

Here are some of the recent shots of Faryal Makhdoom (Instagram):