Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Dana Delany Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Dana Delany, one of the most established American actresses since the late 1970s, has been the subject of plastic surgery speculation. Despite turning age 60, her everlasting looks and raised questions about the way she maintain her looks. Could it be due to surgical intervention, some Dana Delany beauty secrets or could it just be a case of healthy skin care regime? Dana Delany before and after pictures can provide a clue to the answer. Measuring at a height of 1.67m and weight of 62 kg, Dana Delany surely fits the title of a slim figure.

Dana Delany plastic surgery before and after photos

Dana Delany got smaller roles before she had her first leading role opportunity in the NBC sitcom Sweet Surrender. However, it was not until she starred as Colleen McMurphy in China Beach that she caught the attention of the entertainment industry.

More recently from 2007 to 2010, Delany was on the set of Desperate Housewives, playing the role of Katherine Mayfair. Even up till 2015, she was still active on television. From 2011 to 2013, Delany played the lead role of Megan Hunt on the ABC drama series Body of Proof. She had a recurring guest role in The Comedians in 2015 before the show ended after one season.

You can see the progression of Dana Delany over the years in the photos below:

First, her photo in China Beach shows a very youthful girl donned in a military uniform. She oozes charm from her pose. She was one of the biggest reasons why many guys tune in to China Beach then… Even with her short hair, she looked beautiful:


Then she acted in Desperate housewives. This time, she adopted a more mature look as she is supposed to be a housewife anyway. In the photo below, her boobs look full and her face is impeccable, void of any plastic surgery:


Her subsequent role in Body of Proof as Megan Hunt put her in a more serious role. In the photo below decked out in more solemn fashion, Dana Delany looks no different from five years ago. She has indeed successful held back the effects of aging till the time this photo was taken:


It was her next appearance during the premiere of The Comedians (see picture below) that had people talking. The area around her eyes start to form fine lines and the crow’s feet are coming in strong. Her neck has started to show some wrinkles too. But overall, still looking years younger than her age:

Photo Credit: Alberto E Rodriguez Getty Images

Photo Credit: Alberto E Rodriguez Getty Images

Other Dana Delany movies and tv shows include Light Sleeper, Tomb Stone, Exit to Eden,Fly Away Home, True Women, Wide Awake, The Margaret Sanger Story, Pasadena, Presidio Med, and Kidnapped.

Amazingly, to answer the question ” Is Dana Delany married?” – the answer is no. Could staying single be one of Dana Delany beauty secrets? ( And NO, Dana Delany is NOT a lesbian)

Dana Delany cosmetic surgery before and after photos

Dana Delany has definitely surpassed many expectations of her fans. Who could ever imagine fighting for special roles in popular television series at age 60? It is indeed an incredible feat to look so young and vibrant at her age. Whenever questioned about her beauty secrets, Dana Delany has always kept her secrets close to her heart.

It is common for actresses above the age of 50 to get plastic surgery. Think Dolly Parton and Judith Light. This is because skin around the neck starts to sag and facial features start to droop. As most women are afraid to look old, they will resort to common plastic surgery procedures like facelifts and neck lifts to keep themselves looking wrinkle free.

Watch Dana Delany looking so beautiful in 2001:

And compare that to Dana Delany’s recent interview with Steve Harvey:

Dana Delany and Botox Injections

The use of Botox has gained popularity in recent years. Due to its ease of administration, Botox injections are often overused by celebrities, causing a plasticky and lump appearance. Any overdoes of Botox can result in lasting ugly effects. One example of facial fillers gone wrong is Priscilla Presley, who, despite the number of years passed, the effects of her “botox overdose” can clearly be seen.

For Dana Delany, her face does not look like her natural self though it is wrinkle free. Her forehead looks stiff and her smile looks coerced. Botox is most effective when used in minute doses. But it seems like Dana Delany has overused it. She revealed she used Botox but has regretted since.

Overall, Dana Delany still look beautiful for her age. Other than the slight unnatural look, Dana has maintained her youth well. It is just fortunate that Dana Delany did not perform any nose job or extreme plastic surgery. Dana Delany should be happy with her plastic surgery outcome. What do you think of Dana Delany plastic surgery rumours?