Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Barry Manilow Taut Face Sparks Cosmetic Surgery Rumours

For a 70 year old man, Barry Manilow spots a very young looking face, bordering on the horizon of unnatural and artificial. His wrinkle free appearance on American TV show Extra in 2014 stunned many people because of the tightness of his facial skin. Some people speculated that it could be the use of Botox or other dermal fillers that help him maintain such wonderful complexion.

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Rumors

Photo Credit: (left) Everett Collection, (right) Getty Images

Well, Barry Manilow is not new to plastic surgery rumours. In 2003, there were reports about Barry in heavy disguise leaving a hospital, allegedly after undergoing a major facelift to smoothen his face and remove the growing wrinkles.

This is Barry Manilow In the Past:

And this is Barry Manilow Interviewed for his latest album:

Barry Manilow Said He Met An Accident

There was also a story told by Barry Manilow that he needed surgery on his nose due to an accident where he walked into a wall in the middle of the night, injuring himself.

So, is that story believable? What’s your take?

No doubt Barry Manilow is a man of many talents. He is well known as a singer, songwriter and producer. And he also made the whole world sing, remember?

But seems like he is pretty bad in story telling.

Many speculators believe that the story is just a convenient cover up for him to get his cosmetic surgery done.

If that’s the case, we feel that Barry has a lot of work to do in his story telling skills.

Let’s trace Barry Manilow’s facial changes over the years. Perhaps that will give us a clearer picture.

Here is Barry Manilow performing at the Bottom Line in New York City back in 1974. The picture below shows a very young Manilow. With his long flowing hair, he looked charming and natural in every way:

Barry Manilow before plastic surgery 1974

Waring Abbot Getty Images

Two years later in 1976, Barry Manilow poses for another shot in New York City. At a tender young age of 33, Manilow was at the peak of his career. His nose remained a strong facial feature. What’s up with that beaded necklace?:

Barry Manilow before plastic surgery 1976

Jack Mitchell Getty Images

The photo below shows Barry Manilow in the year 1983. Who can remember those fashionable “penguin” collars in the 1980s?

Barry Manilow before plastic surgery 1983

Harry Langdon Getty Images

Here is another photo of a young and charismatic Barry Manilow –  in a scene from the film ‘Copacabana’. Barry Manilow wrote all the songs for the movie.

Barry Manilow before plastic surgery 1985

Archive Photos Getty Images

Then in 1987, Barry Manilow published his book “Sweet Life”. Here is a photo of him at the “Sweet Life Publication” party. He lost some weight but his facial features still looked natural:

Barry Manilow before plastic surgery 1987

Ron Galella Ltd Getty Images

Below is Barry Manilow at the “Arista Records Christmas Party” at Culver Studios in Culver City, California, United States. Evidently, his cheeks lost some volume, perhaps due to weight loss? Nonetheless, his shoulders were still broad as ever, thanks to shoulder pads.

Barry Manilow before plastic surgery 1990

Ron Galella Getty Images

In 1994, Barry Manilow’s cheeks started to look puffy. The sudden lumps made his cheeks look unnatural. Could this be the start of Manilow’s plastic surgeries? Check it out below:

Barry Manilow start use of cheek fillers 1994

Dave Benett Getty Images

In 1998, the possible effects of facial fillers started to fade away. Barry Manilow was looking natural again. Below is a picture of Manilow at an Italian Cafe:

Barry Manilow after fillers botox 1998

David Corio Getty Images

In 2002, rumors of Barry Manilow getting botox and facial fillers grew at a rapid face. The photo below shows Manilow in 2002. His face showed evidence of plastic surgeries performed. He just looked “lumpy”:

Barry Manilow plastic surgery botox 2002

Trench Shore Getty Images

Then in 2005, things did not get better for Barry Manilow. Check out the photo below. Manilow does not look like himself anymore.

Barry Manilow botox before and after 2005

Denise Truscello Getty Images

You got to check this next photo out. Taken in 2008, Barry Manilow defied aging. He appeared without any wrinkles around his eyes with an incredibly smooth complexion. Could this be a strong case of plastic surgery or not? What do you think?

Barry Manilow wrinkle free 2008

Charles Eshelman Getty Images

By 2011, some say there was no doubt that Manilow underwent botox jabs. His cheeks looked puffy and lifted. Did he suffer from filler overdose? Check out the photo below:

Barry Manilow botox overdose 2011

Noel Vasquez Getty Images

In 2014, it was not a question of whether Manilow underwent plastic surgery. It was a matter of whether Manilow did enough plastic surgery follow ups. The photo below, taken in 2014, just showed how fillers or botox could do to a human face – in a bad way:

Barry Manilow botox and facial fillers cheek lift 2014

Jason LaVeris Getty Images

During Manilow’s latest appearance at the 65th Annual BMI Pop Awards on May 9, 2017, Manilow seemed to have toned down on the use of cheek fillers. His face still looked incredibly smooth for a 73 year old man. But perhaps he had a change of plastic surgeon. His cheeks looked more natural now. Check it out below:

Barry Manilow plastic surgery 2017 photo

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Is Barry Manilow Aging Gracefully?

Barry Manilow has a very gentlemanly look. He looks very friendly and mild to many of his fans. Barry has carried this demeanour throughout his career. Never one to lose his temper at the media, he is recognised as a true gentleman in many ways.

Given his philanthropy records (remember the donation through the Manilow Fund For Health and Hope website for victims of Hurricane Katrina), Barry is too nice of a person to be subjected to vile comments on his facial features.

Barry does not look like he is in his 70s. Somehow, together with celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Jane Fonda, he has the ability to defy the effects of aging.

Is he aging gracefully? Yes he definitely is. He even performed a song on 4 July 2015 on A Capital Fourth, a free annual concert performed in Washington D C in celebration of Independence Day.

Such willingness to entertain the crowd shows that Barry is an everlasting entertainer and someone who deserves our respect.

Barry Manilow Denies Having Plastic Surgery

On Jonathan Ross’s show in 2014, Barry Manilow was asked how he got to maintain his complexion wrinkle free. Barry’s answer to that question was “That’s the way I’m aging”, implying that he did not undergo any plastic surgery at all.

What is important is the way Barry has lived his life, entertaining millions of fans around the world with his smile, and setting a good role model for younger superstars to follow.

As for his personal life, his relationship with Garry Kief has divided opinions amongst many.

But that is his choice in life, nobody can stand in his way.

The way he pursued plastic surgery, was it due to an accident or was it his choice? What do you think of Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery rumors?