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Yoo In Na Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Yoo In Na Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Yoo In Na is a popular South Korean actress and DJ. She took a long time to achieve fame. In fact, she only got her big break at the age of 30 in the drama Queen In-hyun’s Man. Nonetheless, it is better to be late than never. When pictures of her younger past surfaced, netizens could not hide their surprise. Many suspected that she has undergone plastic surgery to achieve her present looks. Some of the alleged Yoo In Na plastic surgeries include a nose job, a jawline reshaping surgery and eyelid surgery.

Yoo In Na Plastic surgery before and after photos

Credit: (left) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Who is Yoo In Na?

Yoo In Na started her pursuit for fame at the age of 16. After trying out as a singer in 1998, it took her more than 11 years to get her first breakthrough. Her major obstacle was mastering dance moves required to be a Kpop star.

She eventually got her big break with the drama High Kick Through the Roof on MBC. In the drama, she played a character who was hopeful to become a famous singer. That role surprisingly mirrored what she wanted in the first place. The role brought her more acting stints, including roles in Secret Garden and The Greatest Love.

Yoo In Na had other talents too. Her MC skills won her the Best Variety Entertainer at the SBS Entertainment Awards. She is also in the hot seat for “Let’s Crank Up The Volume”, which is one of the most highly rated radio program in South Korea.

In 2014, Yoo In Na started hosting the show “Get It Beauty”, that reviews the latest trends in the beauty and fashion industry. There was no stopping her acting career too. In 2016, she played a leading role in “One More Happy Ending” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”.

Yoo In Na plastic surgery rumors

Credit: (left) Multi-Bits Getty Images

Here are some behind the scenes in The Goblin with Yoo In Na:

Yoo In Na and Nose Job Rumours

Human beings have been modifying their faces for centuries. Many opt for plastic surgeries to impress others while other try to impress themselves. The nose is one of the favorite targets for facial modification.

A nose job is performed to change the shape and size of the nose. Some even choose to have smaller nostrils as a desired result. Asians tend to have rounder and flatter noses. Thus, many undergo rhinoplasty (nose job) to attain a sharper nose.

For Yoo In Na, her younger photos show a rounded nose. Her recent photo show a sharper nose. Could it be a case of natural evolution or the work of a surgeon’s knife? Check out her before and after photos below:

Yoo In Na Nose Job Before and after

Yoo In Na and Jawline Reshaping Surgery Rumours

Another observation about Yoo In Na’s appearance is her sharper jawline. Having a sharper jaw shape makes a person look more attractive. A round and flat face tend to project a fatter image, which is less desirable.

In Yoo In Na’s before and after photos, she had a “bigger” and rounder face when she was younger. However, her recent photos show a much sharper jawline. Though the change could be due to the loss of baby fat on her face, many still believe she underwent plastic surgery. Check out her below and after photos, what do you think? Did Yoo In Na undergo a jaw surgery?

Yoo In Na Jaw Surgery before and after

Yoo In Na and Eyelid Surgery Rumours

Many Asians are born with small slit shaped eyes. Some have single eyelids that make their eyes look smaller. However, that does not mean they are less attractive. Some men actually prefer their women to have single eyelids. But there is overwhelming preference among women to have double eyelids.

Some celebrities also believe that having bigger eyes make them look more attractive. And let’s not kid ourselves. Having a more attractive appearance definitely brings more acting roles in leading drama serials. For Yoo In Na, her dream was to become a superstar. So, it is possible that she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her eyes.

Her earlier photos show slit-like eyes with single eyelids. However, her recent photos showcase much bigger eyes. Some fans say that her bigger eyes might be due to eye makeup. We can never be sure. Below are the before and after photos of Yoo In Na, do you think she has undergone eyelid surgery?

Credit: (left) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Overall, Yoo In Na is a shining example of never giving up. Her dogged persistence brought her eventual success. She could have given up in her first 11 years of struggle. But she didn’t. The debate of whether Yoo In Na underwent plastic surgery will always be there. But more importantly, fans should adopt her positive attitude despite early setbacks. Yoo In Na is truly a warrior and fighter in life. She deserves the success she has today. What do you think of Yoo In Na plastic surgery rumours? True or false?

Kim Ji Won Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Kim Ji Won Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Kim Ji Won is known for her roles in popular drama shows. Some of her shows include “To The Beautiful You” and “The Heirs”. From her early days in commercial advertisements to her present acting appearances, her facial appearance has changed.

Some of Kim Ji Won plastic surgery rumours include a nose job, eyelid surgery, botox injections and facial fillers. In order to find out, you need to look at Kim Ji Won before and after photos.

Kim Ji Won plastic surgery before and after photos

Credits: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Who is Kim Ji Won?

Kim Ji Won was born on October 19,1992 in South Korea. She attended the Dongguk University (drama course) and started her career endorsing products in commercial advertisements.

Kim caught the attention of fans when she starred in the series “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged”. From there, she went on to play more leading roles in popular drama series. In 2012, she starred in the drama “To the Beautiful You”. In 2013, she played a proud heiress in “The Heirs”. For her effort in “The Heirs”, she won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards.

In 2014, Kim Ji Won starred in “Gap-dong” and “One Sunny Day”. In 2016, she played a military surgeon in “Descendants of The Sun”. The drama was popular in other countries, exposing Kim’s star quality to regional audience.

Check out Kim Ji Won recent appearance below. Her face looks too shiny:

Compare that to Kim Ji Won Singing (below) 4 years ago. Do you see any changes?

In 2017, she is scheduled to appear in “Third-Rate My Way” with Park Seo-joon.

Here are some Vital Stats of Kim Ji Won:

Kim Ji Won Height: 164cm

Kim Ji Won Weight: 45 kg

Kim Ji Won Religion: Christianity

Kim Ji Won Zodiac Sign: Libra

Kim Ji Won Net Worth : Rumored to be about 9 Million Dollars

Kim Ji Won Hobbies: Taking time off work at home, Visiting bookstores

Kim Ji Won spends lots of free time chatting online with friends.

Kim Ji Won and Nose Job Rumours

Nose jobs are one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. This is because the nose is the central feature of the face. Any enhancement to the nose will dramatically improve a person’s appearance.

However, it is not without risks. Nose jobs can end up disastrous. Often, a bad nose job will cause irreparable damage to a person’s looks.

For Kim Ji Won, despite all the rumours, there is no significant change to her nose shape. She has a balanced nose to start with. Yes, her nose is not very sharp but it looks adequate on her. Here are some before and after photos of Kim Ji Won. Would you agree that she has not undergone a nose job?

Kim Ji Won nose job before and after

Credit: (lrft) Ten Asia Premium Getty Images, (right) Instagram

Kim Ji Won Rhinoplasty before and after

Credit: (left) Ten Asia Getty Images, (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Kim Ji Won and Botox Injection Rumours

Botox injections are very effective against fine lines and wrinkles. Women in their late 40s are fond of using botox to hide the effects of aging. However, young people are starting to use Botox prematurely.  In their pursuit of perfection, some young celebrities inject too much botox, resulting in an unnatural look.

For Kim Ji Won, she looks slightly “lumpy” recently. Her cheeks look pumped up. Compared to her younger days, there is some artificial help to keep her cheeks from sagging. Her chin also looks slightly detached. Could these be the after effects of botox use? Check out the photos below and see for yourself:

Kim Ji Won botox before and after

Credit: (right) Instagram

Kim Ji Won and Eyelid Surgery Rumours

Eyelid surgery is used to remove aging signs around the eyes. It helps to make a person look many years younger. The skin around the eyes tend to lose its elasticity, resulting in fine lines and saggy skin. Eyelid surgery helps to reduce the saggy skin and remove those nagging fine lines.

The current trend among female Korean celebrities is having eye bags. Whatever reason it may be, we do not know. But there is an increasing number of female Korean celebrities keeping their eye bags heavy.

The before and after pictures of Kim Ji Won show slight differences in the shape of her eyes. It is hard to tell if its due to any eyelid surgery. But her eyes seem bigger now compared to younger days. Check out her before and after photos below:

Kim Ji Won eyelid surgery before and after

Credit: (right) Instagram

Kim Ji Won and Facial Fillers Rumours

As the process of aging does not occur uniformly in all areas of the face, facial fillers are used to support certain vulnerable areas. Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are injected into lines, creases and grooves in the face to correct them instantly. There might be certain swelling and bruising around the application area. Despite the pain, many patients still opt to undergo the fillers treatment in pursuit for a “wrinkle free” face.

For Kim Ji Won, her current looks spell out filler use. Her cheeks look plumper and the area behind her cheeks seems bloated. Her lower chin seems puffed up too. Furthermore, her weight seems to remain the same. So, such “puffiness” should not be due to weight gain. Check these photos out for yourself. Do you think she used dermal fillers?

Kim Ji Won facial fillers before and after

Credit: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Overall, Kim Ji Won is still a beauty to behold. However, her slightly unnatural looks has led to much plastic surgery gossip. Nobody can confirm her plastic surgeries other than herself. But it will be a huge surprise to everyone if she underwent the knife at such a young age. After all, she is only 24 years old (as of April 2017). Let’s hope that she appreciate her God given beauty and stay natural in the years to come. What do you think of Kim Ji Won plastic surgery rumours?

IU Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did IU Undergo Plastic Surgery?

IU (Lee Ji-eun) is a popular South Korean singer, songwriter and actress. There has been IU plastic surgery rumours circulating in internet forums for a few years. After looking at her younger photos, some netizens could not believe that her present beauty came about naturally. Some of the plastic surgery rumours include a nose job and eyelid surgery. The reports online include before and after photos of IU, showing distinct differences in her nose and eyes.

iu Plastic surgery before and after photos

IU Has An Amazing Musical Career

IU was born on May 16, 1993. She is now of age 23. Since age 15, she has been active in her musical career. Her first album was Lost and Found which did not have much success. However, her next albums, Growing Up and IU…IM, brought her great success. Her single “Good Day”, shares the same record as “Gangnam Style” on the Gaon Digital Chart.

Her success did not stop there. In 2011, she followed up with two best selling albums Real+ and Last Fantasy. This was the year when IU ventured into song writing. She wrote her first song, “Hold My Hand” for the television series The Greatest Love.

Watch this video when IU was interviewed back in 2011:

Compare that to another interview in 2014: 

Here is one of her latest performances in Taipei 2017:

By 2013, she mellowed down on her “young girl” image and turned more matured. In recent years, IU also dabbled in acting with great success. Some of the shows IU starred in include You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, Pretty Man and The Producers.

As such, being such a prominent celebrity in South Korea, IU faces the constant pressure of looking her best. Any slight changes in her face will spark a huge wave of plastic surgery rumours. We will examine her changes in appearances year by year, followed by comparing her before and after photos side by side.

IU in her Audition Years

IU young photos

Here is a photo of IU during an audition we believe  (but cannot confirm). The lack of makeup made her look very different from now. But her nose is noticeably flat. Furthermore, she looked slightly chubby. After all, if this photo was taken in 2007, she was only 14 years old. Though some might say that her facial changes are obvious, it is not conclusive because she was way too young then.

IU Had Natural Beauty

IU plastic surgery free

This picture above might have been taken sometime in 2008, when IU was 15 years old. Her face has sharpened somewhat. Her nose seemed to have turned sharper within a year. Her eyes seemed bigger now compared to the previous year. This could be her clever use of eye makeup.

Credit : Ten Asia Premium Getty Images

Credit : Ten Asia Premium Getty Images

This 2008 photo (above) shows IU much prettier than before. Her hair is well groomed and her eyes start to show double eyelids. But here eye bags started to form in this photo. Her nose seems to look better as she age! Her sharper nose cannot be the result of a nose job because she was too young for that!

Credit : Ten Asia Premium Getty Images

Credit : Ten Asia Premium Getty Images

In this next photo, you can see that IU is starting to look like her present self. She has used eye makeup again to make her eyes look bigger. Her face shape has become sharper, probably due to the camera angle. Does she look good in green?

Credit: Ten Asia Getty Images

Credit: Ten Asia Getty Images

The photo above was taken in 2010. Here you can see the evolution of IU, from a young girl to a more matured adult. Her long straight hair is a reflection of growing maturity. Some say that her facial skin has undergone some whitening. But her lighter skin tone is likely due to makeup. Her nose bridge still looks the same width. Her nose tip is remains the same. And she looks better in purple than green.

Credit: Multi-Bits Getty Images

Credit: Multi-Bits Getty Images

In 2011, it was the year IU had one of the biggest hits of her career. Her single, “Someday”, sold more than 2.2 million digital copies. It became one of IU’s best selling single of all time. This was the time when plastic surgery gossip about her lighter skin color started. Some say that it could not be due to makeup. But it is hard to believe that IU would go to such drastic measure to lighten her skin color. Her nose and eyes still look largely the same.

Credit : Choi Soo-Young Getty Images

Credit : Choi Soo-Young Getty Images

While attending a publication party at the Kyobo Bookstore, IU decided to turn back in time for a younger outfit. Here, she is dressed in a flowery yellow top that makes her look like a young girl. There is hardly any signs of plastic surgery. Just that her eyebrows looked slightly messy in this photo (above).

Credit : Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Credit : Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

The photo above was taken in October 2013 when IU posed for her 3rd Album “Modern Times” at the K-Art Hall. Still, she is void of any plastic surgery signs. Her chin has turned slightly rounder compared to her previous photos. Her nose shape is still the same. No signs of eyelid surgery as well because if she did, her swollen eye bags will not be there.

Credit : Tibrina Hobson Getty images

Credit : Tibrina Hobson Getty images

Here, IU is seen attending the KCON 2014 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena held on the August 9, 2014. In this photo, its the strongest case of skin whitening speculation as she looked very very “white”. Together with her bright red lipstick, she wore a great combination dress with red roses. Her jaw shape and nose shape remained the same. No evidence of her having undergone plastic surgery.

Credit : Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Credit : Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

One will wonder why IU has constantly neglected her heavy eye bags. In this shot taken on May 27, 2015, IU attended the SONY Korea- Premium BlueTooth Audio Launch. Her nose shape remains the same. She seemed to look prettier naturally rather than using plastic surgery. She has managed to retain much of her teenage charm into her early 20s.

Credit : Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Credit : Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

In one of her latest appearance for Sony Korea “MDR-1000X” launch on Sept 21 2016 in Seoul, IU looked slightly tired. Her eye bags were not only showing, but seemed to be of a different skin color. Though she put on rather thick makeup, her tiredness kept her from looking energetic. Her chin still retains the same shape as before.

Credit: VCG Full Dark Getty Images

Credit: VCG Full Dark Getty Images

Now in 2017, IU still looks natural. Anyone saying that she had plastic surgery must have compared her very young photos to her present self. In the above photo, she waves to the camera at the Taiwan airport. She has been very consistent in her makeup colors during the last few years. Her nose should be much sharper if she had undergone a nose job. Those IU plastic surgery speculations are just guesswork with nothing to back up.

Most of the plastic surgery sites will compare IU’s childhood photos with her present ones. There is nothing wrong with such comparison. In fact, it is interesting to compare them to see how she grew into such a beauty today. Let take a look at some of her now and then photos, together with the alleged plastic surgery procedures.

IU and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are very popular among celebrities. Having a well done nose job can enhance the looks of the celebrity tremendously. For Asian celebrities, many are born with rounder and flatter noses. Noses are generally smaller than the Western celebrities. Thus, a good nose job can create a significant difference in the looks department.

With today’s technology advancement, a nose job has a high degree of success. However, one must not overlook the risks involved with nose jobs. Any mistake could prove hard to correct. Revisionary rhinoplasty usually does not turn out well.

Iu Nose job Rumors before and after

For IU, here natural nose is small and has a round tip. IU will definitely look more beautiful and elegant with a sharper nose. However, when you compare IU before and after photos, there is no signs of nose job at all. Her nose has remained the same. Even when you compare these two photos above, you can see nothing was done to her nose.

IU and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Eyelid surgery is commonly used to reduce the fine lines around the eyes. As a person age, eyelids can have several folds due to the loss of muscle elasticity. Some also undergo eyelid surgery to have double eyelids and to make their eyes look bigger. Often, people who undergo eyelid surgery will also request to have their eyebags reduced.

Iu eyelid surgery before and after

For IU, she has been having big eye bags for years. Her eyes look bigger because of eyeliners and eye makeup. It is unlikely for her to undergo eyelid surgery. If she had done so, her eye bags should be removed by now.

Overall, IU has remained naturally looking despite all the plastic surgery rumors. Some of those plastic surgery speculations might have been the result of jealousy and envy. At age 23, IU has achieved many milestones in her career. It is important for her to look good at all times. To say that she used plastic surgery to attain her beauty is definitely untrue. Let’s look forward to more exciting performances from IU in the years to come. What do you think of IU plastic surgery rumors? True or false?

Yoona Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Yoona Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Yoona is one of the most popular South Korean singer and actress. Her beautiful looks and energetic demeanour has attracted lots of plastic surgery speculations. Moreover, many South Korean celebrities have undergone the knife to enhance their looks. Some of the alleged Yoona plastic surgeries include eyelid surgery, a nose job and jaw reshaping surgery.

Photo Credit: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Yoona started her career as a member of the popular girl group Girls’ Generation. Born on May 30,1990, Yoona wanted to be a singer since young. After being cast in the SM Saturday Open Casting Audition, Yoona was subjected to the normal tough “entertainment training” of celebrities wannabes in South Korea. Noted for her dancing skills, its didn’t take long for Yoona to be selected for Girls’ Generation. In August 2007, Yoona became the main focus of the group.

Watch a video of Yoona being interviewed back in 2012:

This is another interview with Yoona together with Kyu Hyun and Sulli in 2013:

Compare the above videos to a recent interview on KBS:


Yoona Ventured into Acting – A HUGE SUCCESS!

Yoona is not only a great singer and dancer. She excelled in acting too. In 2008, she got her first breakthrough when she played the main role of Jang Sae-byuk in You Are My Destiny. Her splendid performance won her the Best New Actress Award at the KBS Drama Awards.

Watch Yoona in action for You Are My Destiny:

Over the years, Yoona attained widespread recognition for her acting. When the drama Love rain flopped, Yoona’s acting was the show’s saving grace. Many fans started to notice her talent for acting.  In 2013, Yoona acted in the drama series Prime Minister and I. Again, though the series did not receive high ratings, Yoona was praised for her acting. She won an Excellence Award at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards for her effort.

Here is Yoona with the cast of Prime Minister and I being interviewed:

With so much at stake, it is important for Yoona to keep herself looking fresh and attractive. Still in her mid 20s, she faces much competition for leading roles against newcomers. In South Korea, the competition is very stiff. Younger stars can emerge and take the limelight very quickly. Thus, it is very important that Yoona stay ahead of the game by keeping her beauty intact.

Yoona and Nose Job Rumors

Unlike other articles that compare a very young Yoona to her present self, let’s take a look at her pre debut photos and her current photos. After all, Yoona was only 17 years old when she made her Girls’ Generation debut. It is hard for anyone to undergo plastic surgery before that age.

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

Nose jobs are used to reshape the nose. Most celebrities want a sharper nose tip with a narrower nose bridge. For Yoona, here before and after photos show slight differences in her nose tip. However, you must take note that Yoona was still very young in the pre debut photos – her nose might not be fully developed yet. Thus, despite the slight difference in her nose shape, there is a chance that Yoona did not undergo a nose job.

In fact, in her most recent photos, Yoona’s nose does not look “fixed” or unnatural at all. Her nose is still slightly rounded at the tip. If she underwent a nose job, she would have requested a much “sharper” nose than this.

Yoona and Jaw Reshaping Surgery Rumors

Some say that Yoona has undergone jaw reshaping surgery. For someone to undergo jaw reshaping surgery, the person must have tremendous courage. It is a tedious operation and requires long recovery time. The pain and suffering is severe.

Photo Credit: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

For Yoona, her face shape has not changed much. If you look at her recent photos, you can see her with pretty full rounded cheeks. She does not possess the sharp chin as expected from a jaw surgery. Come on, its obvious that she did not fix her jaw.

Yoona and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Eyelid surgery is popular among celebrities. And many times, this surgery is conducted with multiple objectives. Common objectives include the removal of eye bags, the construction of double eyelids, the reduction of crows’ feet and the enlargement of the eyes. Though painful, many women undergo this process in the hope of being more beautiful.

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

For Yoona, you can see from her earlier photos that she had pretty severe eye bags. Possibly coming from the lack of sleep due to practices, her eye bags were still there in her recent photos. The presence of her eye bags today tells us that she never went for any eyelid surgery.

If she had gone for eyelids surgery, she would have requested her eye bags to be removed. Furthermore, her “bigger” eyes are the result of clever makeup and nothing else. Makeup around the eyes can do wonders. Just do a youtube search and you can see the wonders of eye makeup.

Overall, Yoona has transformed herself from a novice to a beauty in less than 10 years. Despite other posts claiming that she has undergone plastic surgery, we feel that Yoona has largely remained natural. She might have had a nip and tuck here and there. But there is no signs of any alteration on her, other than the common effects of aging. Yoona is truly one of the most beautiful artistes in South Korea right now and she does it naturally. What do you think of Yoona plastic surgery rumors?

Jennifer Nettles Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jennifer Nettles Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Nettles is a popular America country music singer, songwriter and actress. Her appearances could raise the heartbeat of many men. Her slim figure plus her tough personality makes her very appealing for some men. However, as she approaches mid 40s, there are plastic surgery rumors about her beauty. Some of Jennifer Nettles plastic surgery rumors include breast implants, liposuction, cheek implants and a nose job.

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Bravo Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Bravo Getty Images

Jennifer Nettles was born on September 12, 1974. She is now 42 years of age. Despite being age 42, she has remained slim and possess and hour glass figure. Her well proportioned body figure aroused special attention among observers.

Jennifer Nettles and Bon Jovi Combination

Jennifer Nettles caught the attention of her fans when she sang with Bon Jovi in the song Who Says You Can’t Go home. Here is a the music video that established her as a mainstream singer. The combination with Bon Jovi was so good that they won a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Collaboration in February 2007. Check out their cool video:

And here is a shot of Jennifer Nettles with Jon Bon Jovi back in 2006:

Rick Diamond Getty Images

Rick Diamond Getty Images

Jennifer Nettles and Boob Job Rumors

Any celebrity who experiences a sudden breast growth is subjected to breast augmentation speculations. Boob jobs are popular among ladies because it is known to increase self confidence and self esteem in women. Having smaller boobs could also mean lesser media attention in the entertainment industry.

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Loccisano Getty Images, (right) Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Michael Loccisano Getty Images, (right) Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images

So, when Jennifer Nettles shows off some cleavage, there were widespread rumors that she has undergone breast implants surgery. However, some fail to take into account that Jennifer Nettles had a childbirth in December 2012. Post pregnancy boobs can look much bigger. Here are two photos, one taken in 2013 and the other in 2015. These two photos show Jennifer Nettles showing off her cleavage (which is quite rare).

Examine the outline of her upper boob and you will see that that her boobs look all natural without any surgical enhancement. Typically, breast implants will cause boobs to look very “round” and tight. But in the case of Jennifer Nettles, her boob lines resembles more of saggy boobs than perky breast implants.

Watch Jennifer Nettles Back in 2010 with Sugarland:

Compare that to a recent 2016 interview at American Country Countdown Awards:

Jennifer Nettles Changes over the Years

Here is a shot of Jennifer Nettles in 2007, attending the American Music Awards:

Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic

Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic

Jennifer Nettles opt for the pale coloured makeup in this photo. Her nose has a bulbous tip. Her hair has that rocker charm effect. Her cleavage is nothing to shout about.

When Jennifer attended the 2008 CMT Music Awards, (see below) her black tube dress got all the attention she deserves. She might have lost a few pounds during that period of time as her arms look significantly thinner, And oh… how she kept her hair looking so blond and good. She has removed much of the gothic eye makeup in her earlier photo and opted for simple eyelashes curlers instead.

Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic

Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic

Still, there are no signs of plastic surgery

In 2009, Jennifer Nettles group, Sugarland, had two nominations in the Academy of Country Music for Top Vocal Duo and Vocal Event of the Year. Sugarland won the Vocal Duo Of the year. Here (see below) she is seen attending the Kennedy Center Honors:

Kevin Mazur Wireimage

Kevin Mazur Wireimage

Here she looks exuberant and energised. Her cleavage does not suggest any boob joob done. Some say she got cheek implants but there isn’t any evidence here. Her nose still has the bump on the nose tip.

At the 2010 Billboard Touring Awards (see below), Jennifer Nettles looked much better than before. Her makeup creates more clarity on her facial features, especially her eyes. Her eye makeup actually made her eyes look bigger. Clever, very clever.

Taylor Hill Getty Images

Taylor Hill Getty Images

Jennifer Nettles continued looking great in 2011. She managed to hold back the effects of aging quite well. If you scroll up this post to the her picture in 2006, she has not changed much in the last 5 years. Her cheeks still look natural. The only obvious aging sign is the formation of crows feet around her eyes. She is seen attending the 49th Annual ASCAP Country Music Awards in the photo below:

Jason Kempin Getty Images

Jason Kempin Getty Images

Jennifer Nettles gave birth in December 2012. Prior to childbirth, Jennifer Nettles looked vibrant. She is seen attending the Woman’s Day Dress Awards in the photo below. Over the years, Jennifer Nettles seem to know what suits her best. This time, she wears the perfect makeup for her skin color. Oh, those blushers bring out Jennifer Nettles’ softer side. No signs of the alleged nose job or cheek lifts here.

Jim Spellman WireImage

Jim Spellman WireImage

In the 2014 CMT Music Awards ( see picture below), Jennifer Nettles opted to go against what was proven for her. Perhaps she wanted to turn back the clock to 2007 where she wore pale makeup colors. Such style does not really suit her and this is the first time she let her hair cover her forehead. Do you think this style suits her?

Mike Coppola Getty Images

Mike Coppola Getty Images

Despite her change in style, there is still no obvious sign of plastic surgery.

In 2015, Jennifer Nettles has recovered her nice taste. (see pic below) She reverted back to the familiar hairstyle, with more vibrant makeup colors. However, lines are starting to form beneath her eyes. It is amazing how her skin looks so supple and smooth with so little makeup. The photo below shows her big bright smile at the NBC Universal Press Tour:

JB Lacroix Getty Images

JB Lacroix Getty Images

Her appearance at her Visit to SiriusXM Studio had everyone taking (see photo below). This is the first time we see her taper down her beautiful hair locks which brings more attention to her face. There isn’t any obvious sign of plastic surgery. However, her cheeks seem fuller but it could be due to her redder blushers. The area under her eyes just give her age away.

Slaven Vlasic Getty Images

Slaven Vlasic Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Lester Cohen Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Lester Cohen Getty Images

Overall, there is not enough evidence to say that Jennifer Nettles has undergone cheek implants, nose jobs, liposuction or boob job. This is because we do not see her face change so drastically over the years. Jennifer Nettles has remained natural looking and there is no reason to suspect any plastic surgery done. It is unfair to credit her good upkeep to plastic surgery. Truly, Jennifer Nettles has remained a beautiful woman without much surgical intervention. What do you think of Jennifer Nettles plastic surgery rumors?

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Joan Jett Undergo Plastic Surgery?

When you look back at the rock stars of the 1980s, there is this inevitable suspicion whether they underwent plastic surgery in their later years. Joan Jett, one of the most recognisable female rockers in the early 1980s, has been under intense plastic surgery speculations. Some of the alleged Joan Jett plastic surgery procedures include a nose job, facelift and botox injections.

Credit: (left) Magna Artist Corp, (right) Theo Wargo Getty Images

Credit: (left) Magna Artist Corp, (right) Theo Wargo Getty Images

One of the most commonly asked questions about celebrities is “When did all the plastic surgery gossip start?”. Well, to find out, you got to take a look at the appearance of Joan Jett over the years. Let’s travel back in time and see how Joan Jett changed through the decades. This will be interesting – Not many female rockers are featured in our posts and this is a rare one.

Credit: (left) GAB Archiver Getty Images, (right) Brad Barket Getty Images

Credit: (left) GAB Archiver Getty Images, (right) Brad Barket Getty Images

Watch Joan Jett in an interview with the legendary David Letterman in 1987 below:

Compare that to recent Joan Jett interview. What’s up with her sharp chin? Check it out: 

When Joan Jett Was Free From Plastic Surgery

Joan Jett was born on 22 September 1958, now of age 58. However, she looks much younger than her real age. If you look back at her rocking years, she has been rather youthful looking throughout. Here is a shot of Joan Jett with The Runaways, the early band founded by Joan Jett. The Runaways did not really have great success in the United States. They disbanded in 1979.


Joan Jett in The Runaways. She is pictured extreme left.

MIchael Ochs Archives Getty Images

MIchael Ochs Archives Getty Images

This picture was taken probably in 1976. This was when The Runaways were at the peak of their musical career. At age 18, these pictures show Joan Jett in her “plastic surgery free” days. Her devilish “Alice Cooper look alike” hair style and her “scowling” eyebrows complete the image of a tough female rocker.

Joan Jett continued to wear the image of a gothic rocker into the 1980s. She went solo for a short while before forming Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. Here is a photo, shot in 1981, showing Joan Jett having some fun wearing her headphones:

Mark Weiss Getty Images

Mark Weiss Getty Images

Don’t know why but Joan Jett looks much plumper in this photo! Her high cheeks and thick nose bridge are obvious features. And those eye makeup could make an angel look devilish.

Joan Jett in 1984 - Credit: Images Press Getty Images

Joan Jett in 1984 – Credit: Images Press Getty Images

Ok, time for some color photos. Here is another shot of Joan Jett in 1984 (above). Same smile, but looking much slimmer! Her thick nose bridge is also evident despite her apparent loss in weight. Her lower face looks much sharper now. Check out those “eye wings” on Joan Jett. She just looked so cool. Any plastic surgery? A BIG NO.

Here is another photo of Joan Jett in 1986 (below) attending the T J Martell Foundation Honors Quincy Jones. That cold stoney stare of Joan Jett is pretty intimidating. Instead of having those shadowy gothic eyes, Joan Jett opted for simple eye makeup. Still natural looking with untouched nose and chin.

Joan Jett 1986 - Ron Galella Getty Images

Joan Jett 1986 – Ron Galella Getty Images

While Joan Jett mostly appears as a rocker in photos, these two pics taken in 1990 (below) seem to show the softer side of Joan Jett:

Joan Jett 1990 - Time & Life Pictures Getty Images

Joan Jett 1990 – Time & Life Pictures Getty Images

Joan Jett 1990 Time & Life Pictures Getty Images

Joan Jett 1990 Time & Life Pictures Getty Images

Not sporting her usual spiky hair, Joan Jett trimmed her hair down to a short bob. With these pictures, she shows that beneath that rocker image lies a normal friendly gal.

In 1996, Joan Jett attended the Fourth Annual ESPY Awards. This is how she looked like:

Joan Jett 1996 - Ron Galella Getty Images

Joan Jett 1996 – Ron Galella Getty Images

This is the time when the first plastic surgery rumors began. But because the internet was not prevalent, there was not much hoo-haa over her SHARPER chin. Her chin seems to have sharpened up. And check out under her eyes – NO Eye bags! Could have been due to a clever makeup artist though. What a classic look!

And in 2000, there is no better way to celebrate the millennium than to shave her head! Here is Joan Jett in a rare bald head shot. Still looking like a rockstar as always. Her bald disposition seemed to draw more focus on her thick nose bridge and elevated cheeks. She has lost weight too. Check it out:

SGranitz Getty Images

Joan Jett in Year 2000 With Shaved head. Credit: SGranitz Getty Images

Four years later in 2004, Joan Jett was back to her short hair style again (below). Her shorter hair kinda suit her better. It adds more “steel” to her image than her previous hairstyles. Note that Joan Jett has remained largely the same throughout these years, other than some hairstyle changes.

Joan Jett 2004 - Credit: Gregory Pace Getty Images

Joan Jett 2004 – Credit: Gregory Pace Getty Images

It’s funny how rock stars never seem to age. Think of Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams and Steven Tyler. They just get better with age! That secret “formula” works for female rockers as well. Joan Jett still looked like a rocker in her mid 30s in Year 2008 (see pic below). Her face is free from deep wrinkles though she is already age 50. Oh.. those killer eyeliners still bring out the best features of Joan Jett – her EYES!

Joan Jett in 2008 - Credit : Jemal Countess Getty Images

Joan Jett in 2008 – Credit : Jemal Countess Getty Images

Its 2012, and this is where Joan Jett starts to look like a prettier version of young Alice Cooper (see pic below). Back to her hairstyle in 1996, Joan Jett’s cheeks looked very lifted, sparking rumors of a possible cheek lift. Her sharp chin is starting to get more obvious as she ages.

Joan Jett in 2012 - Credit : Alberto E Rodriguez Getty Images

Joan Jett in 2012 – Credit : Alberto E Rodriguez Getty Images

In 2014, we saw Joan Jett winning the Golden God Award, being the first woman to do so. She also played the guitar on the track “I Am A River” by Foo Fighters in their album Sonic Highways. Here (see pic below) she is attending the Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways New York Premiere. Dressed in a cool black jacket and unbuttoned inner shirt, Joan Jett looked as cool as she wanted to be. She looked natural and void of plastic surgeries. But someone has to tell her about her uneven eye brows… how did one eyebrow get so much higher than the other?!

Joan Jett 2014 - Credit: Mike Pont Getty Images

Joan Jett 2014 – Credit: Mike Pont Getty Images

Wooo, this picture (see below)  in 2016 scares quite a few people off. Joan Jett’s appearance at the 75th Anniversary USO Armed Forces Gala had everyone talking about her taut facial skin and smooth cheeks. Typically, as a person ages, their cheeks will start to sag. But there is no such signs on Joan Jett. Could her taut facial skin be due to multiple facelifts? Some say that there are signs of botox and facial fillers as her face look incredibly smooth. But a nose job is still unlikely as she still has a thick nose bridge with a bulbous nose tip.

Joan Jett 2016 - Credit: Mike Pont Getty Images

Joan Jett 2016 – Credit: Mike Pont Getty Images

Overall, Joan Jett has aged well. She embodies the qualities of a great musician, always belting out songs straight from her heart. Even if she did use plastic surgery, it was only in minute doses. Her face still looks great and natural. Those nose job speculations do not really hold true as her nose has remained largely the same.

If Jett opted for a nose job, how could her nose look the same? After the loss of music legends like Michael Jackson and Prince, we should be glad that Joan Jett is still around to rock our world today. What do you think of Joan Jett plastic surgery rumors? Let us know in the comments box below.