McKayla Maroney Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did McKayla Maroney Undergo Plastic Surgery?

McKayla Maroney, once a star at the London Olympics, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Maroney is known for her no nonsense expressions during her performances. She won a silver medal in the vault finals individually. Her fantastic performance also earned her a Gold Medal in the Team event. With her natural good looks and confident personality, it is no surprise that her facial appearance is subject to much scrutiny among netizens.

Photos Credit: Instagram

Photos Credit: Instagram

The first rumors started in 2015 when some netizens realised the change in her appearance through her instagram posts. At that time, netizens could not confirm if she underwent any surgical procedures. They were just pure speculations.

Watch a short video on McKayla Maroney younger days below:

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McKayla Maroney Denies Plastic Surgeries

However, as the rumors grew, McKayla Maroney started on the defensive. She denied ever going for plastic surgery. Despite her racy photos with slightly plump lips posted online, she claimed that she has nothing done on her face. She told Seventeen “First of all, that I haven’t,” she says when asked if she’s had lip injections. “And I’ve posted a picture on Instagram last night that was like, how do I make my face look like I didn’t do anything to my face when I literally have not done anything to my face?”

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

Maroney explained that her plumper lips is the effect of clever makeup. She wants her fans to believe that her sexier and fuller lips is down to the use of lip liners and other makeup techniques. Being a frequent poster on Instagram, Maroney does not deny that her face will be up for close examinations.

She shared, “Growing up in the social media world, it’s tough. Your face changes, you get older, your face fills out, and you fall into liking makeup and different stuff like that. And for people saying that, for the most part—it would kind of hurt my feelings when you haven’t done anything.You just kind of have to keep being yourself and move forward with what you love. I just haven’t had anything to give to people, so they’re almost just picking at anything that they can to find something to talk about me for. It’s just one of those things right now and you just have to keep moving forward.”

Being a fan favorite during the Olympic games, many fans were shocked to see her transformation. And quite frankly, there is a startling difference in her lips. They look obviously much plumper than before. And it didn’t help that her expressions in the photos seem to emphasise her lips.

To Maroney, she does not really care if netizens or fans believe her denials. That’s one cool consistent attitude. She said “For anybody who’s judging it and not liking it, that’s fine. Unfollow me, I don’t really care”.

With that statement, she might have just gotten new fans. What do you think of McKayla Maroney plastic surgery rumors?