Briana DeJesus Plastic Surgery Total Makeover

Briana DeJesus Wants More Plastic Surgeries.

Now, almost all the Teen Moms want to look different from themselves.

The latest Teen Mom Star to undergo plastic surgery is Briana Bejesus. So the next time you see her in a photo and wonder what she has done to her body, remember she is following the footsteps of Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans.

Briana Dejesus wants bigger boobs and a more defined butt

It is reported that she has gotten extensive plastic surgery from Dr Miami, Dr Michael Salzhauer. The items in her wanted list included new breast implants, a rear butt lift and labiaplasty (enhancement of vagina surgery). Labiaplasty involves the removal of unwanted skin from the vagina and remove it.

Some of the images are too graphic to be posted on this website as we intend it to be family friendly. But for the latest photos, you can head on to TheRealDrMiami to check them out.

DeJesus further explained the labiaplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation. “It’s like extra skin down there that I don’t think is necessary, so I’m just going to snip it up and tie it up and have a cute vagina,” she said. “When you get pregnant, your body changes. So I wanted to go back to my pre-pregnancy body.”

Ariana DeJesus has already undergone a breast augmentation surgery before. But she is not satisfied with the increase in size. She is now a size C and intend to get even bigger boobs.

For her butt, its her pursuit for perfection that drives her on. Though she told RadarOnline that “it’s kind of scary” and “nervous”, but for the sake of beauty, Briana DeJesus decided to go ahead anyway.

The surgery is reported to be successful and Briana DeJesus is recovering in Miami. The recovery period is expected to be about 8 weeks. The snapchat photos do not give a good assessment of the outcome. I bet her fans are eagerly awaiting for the healing process to takes its course before witnessing the finished product.

Well, at least the Teen Moms are willing to share all about their plastic surgery procedures. And to have the procedures all recorded on Snapchat takes quite a bit of courage. What do you think of Briana DeJesus plastic surgery procedures?