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Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Vanna White Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Vanna White is one of the most famous game show personalities in the world. Known for turning the flip boards on Wheel Of Fortune, she was a popular icon in the 1980s and 1990s. Her slim and sexy figure has captured the attention of millions of fans around the world. Her ageless face and complexion will leave your wondering: How old is Vanna White?

Vanna White plastic surgery (if any) is living proof that plastic surgery can indeed improve your looks. Not only was the procedures done professionally, it allowed Vanna White to age gracefully without a tinge of filler overdose. Through measured applications of the right touches, Vanna White has turned into one of the best looking female celebrities in their 50s (she is 59 now).

Vanna White Plastic surgery rumors

Photo Credit: (left) Photo Fest

Vanna White has played some bit roles in Hollywood films but she is till best remembered for her days on Wheel of Fortune. Her well maintained figure has seen her stayed on the set of Wheel of Fortune till today.

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Rumors

Selecting the right plastic surgeon is never easy. Most celebrities has the financial means to pay for the best plastic surgeons. But contrary to popular belief, having a massive bank account does not confirm the right choice of doctor. For Vanna White, she was fortunate to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for her.

Watch the video below for Vanna White in 1986:

Compare that to a recent Vanna White interview on the Wendy Williams Show:

Watch an interview Vanna White had with legendary Larry King:

It was rumored that the Botox injections at the right places have helped her remove the fast surfacing wrinkles on her face. Just like any woman, Vanna White has gained lots of confidence by looking good on screen. And to be seen by fans of the show Wheel of Fortune week after week, there is an obvious need to look great and energetic always.

Due to her smooth look face and forehead, there were also speculations that Vanna White underwent facelifts. However, her face still looks natural despite the allegations of plastic surgery.

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