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Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Stockard Channing Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Stockard Channing is a well known American actress with a huge fan base over the years. With a career spanning several decades since 1969, she commands huge respect from veterans and newcomers alike. Stockard Channing is also a focal point for plastic surgery rumors. Now in her 70s, it is not surprising that Stockard Channing will want to look younger using plastic surgery. Some of the plastic surgery speculations include eye lift, breast implants, Botox injections, neck lift and lip fillers.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Stockard Channing is famous for her role as Betty Rizzo in the film Grease back in 1978. Over the years, she has garnered 13 nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award. That is an incredible feat for any actress. Being primarily an actress, she has to keep herself looking young to impress her fans and peers alike.

Watch a young Stockard Channing Singing such a beautiful song :

Compare that to a recent series of photos below:

Stockard Channing and Botox Rumors

When you look at the present photos of Stockard Channing, you find no wrinkles or laugh lines. Wrinkles are the enemies of an aging woman. They surface without warning and is extremely hard to get rid of. Some try facelifts and end up looking taut and tight. The other popular alternative is to use Botox injections to smoothen out the wrinkles.

However, Botox injections usually lead to plastic surgery disasters. This is due to the likely overdose of Botox. As the users hide their wrinkles, they forget that Botox injections causes lumps to form. These lumps on their faces result in a weird look on their face. For Stockard Channing, her face, especially her cheeks and nose, look really artificial and unnatural. Her smile looks restricted and constrained. Somehow, her nose looks really bigger than before. This is a rare sight because usually celebrities prefer nose jobs over injecting fillers straight into the nose.

However, one must admit that she has an incredibly smooth face for a 72 year old woman.

Stockard Channing and Lip Augmentation

The recent trend in plastic surgery is swollen lips. Often known as lip augmentation, the focus of this procedure is to have fuller lips. No one knows when this idea started. Fuller lips, to many women, means increased sex appeal and desirability.

Stockard Channing nose job facelift and neck lift

Again, this process is widely popular due to its relative ease of application. Lip fillers are generally injected into the lips. Most will require followup treatment to maintain the fuller look. For Stockard Channing, despite all the rumors surrounding her, its hard to confirm if she underwent lip augmentation. Her before and after photos does not show a significant difference in her lip thickness. Her lips seem to have grown old gracefully with age and shows no tint of lip fillers used.

Stockard Channing and Eyelift

One of the sure signs of aging is the deposit of fats around the eye area. As a person ages, facial muscles weaken, leading to a droopy look in some people. Eyelifts are the perfect solution to get rid of such fats and wrinkles around the eyes. For Stockard Channing, her eyes look incredibly bright and big for her age. If she has undergone an eyelift, her plastic surgeon must have done a wonderful job for her. Her eyes still look natural, they just look bigger.

Stockard Channing and Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is also one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures today. Bigger boobs is preferred by most women. Some claim that having bigger boobs build higher confidence for ladies. And let’s not deny that having a bigger boobs will attract more attention.

Stockard Channing boob job before and after

However, breast augmentation does have its risks. Though the risks are real and physical, the emotional benefits of a well executed boob job far outweigh the risks. That is why many celebrities are willing to undergo the knife to have foreign implants embedded in their breasts.

For Stockard Channing, it is hard to imagine someone at age 72 to have such firm and supportive boobs. Her breasts look full and not deflated. This is rare for someone at age 72. Some will expect her to have saggy boobs but looks like her breasts are acting against the force of gravity.

Stockard Channing has never admitted to any plastic surgery on her boobs. As such, it is hard to confirm if she has done the procedure.

Stockard Channing and Neck lift

One of the hardest places to hide the effects of aging is the neck. Naturally, wrinkles form around the neck as one ages. And no amount of exercise is able to remove those wrinkles. At age 72, it is unbelievable that Stockard Channing has a wrinkle free neck. Could it be the effect of creams or the result of a successful neck lift? Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Overall, we must say that Stockard Channing has maintained her looks well. There are not many who can look as young as her at age 72. Despite her looking a bit artificial and lumpy at certain angles, she is not a complete plastic surgery disaster. What do you think of Stockard Channing plastic surgery rumors?