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Stephanie Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Stephanie Davis Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The latest news has it that Stephanie Davis has stunned her fans by having her lips fuller using lip fillers as well as having bright blonde hair extensions.

Famous for her on off relationship with Jeremy McConnell, Stephanie Davis has attracted attention to her latest bloated and artificial appearance. Looks like the changes to her face is as regular as her relationship status with Jeremy.

Photo Credit: (left) Ian West Pa Wire, (right) Icelebtv.com

Photo Credit: (left) Ian West Pa Wire, (right) Icelebtv.com

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

But not all her Instagram followers warm up to her new looks. Some gave cruel comments about her recent transformation. Stephanie Davis was open about her plastic surgery procedures and even shared some of the procedures she undertook. Unrecognisable? That’s what many of her instagram fans say. There were generally two camps of fans, some supporting her new look while some saying that she should not have altered her facial features.

This is Stephanie Davis in her brunette hair style:

And this is Stephanie Davis having a full blond of hair:

Nowadays the sexy look cannot do without the trout pout lips. Lip fillers are fast becoming one of the most common plastic surgeries in Hollywood. However, things can go very wrong with lip fillers if applied in the wrong dosage. Farrah Abraham had seriously swollen lips due to a misapplication of the fillers. Though the same did not happen to Stephanie Davis, her face still look artificial and lumpy somehow.

Some netizens compared her looks to the always mentioned plastic surgery disaster Donatella Versace. However, we believe its still too early to tell if Stephanie is addicted to plastic surgery yet. We hope that she will leave her face in the best natural state and be happy with what God has given her. Plastic surgery will always have its risks. Let’s hope that Stephanie Davis does not do anything too drastic in the next few months. We will provide you updates if there is any news. What do you think of Stephanie Davis plastic surgery?