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Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Was Mickey Rourke Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

This what boxing can do to you. A wounded face and lots of plastic surgeries to fix it.

Mickey Rourke is known to hate his face and is trying hard to rebuild the sexy face that women dreamt of every night.

Insiders say that Mickey considered using his ribs to rebuild his nose. Another rumour spoke about Mickey using bone from his hip to fix up his mouth so that he can have dental implants.

Mickey Rourke Boxing decision cost him many plastic surgeries

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) KAT Splash News

Mickey Rourke was one of the best looking actors in show business. Throughout the 1980s, he has starred in shows like Diner, Rumble Fish and The Pope of Greenwich Village. It was in 1991 when Mickey Rourke decided to embark on the path of a professional boxer.

In the video below, we see a young Mickey Rourke feeling “disenchanted” with his acting career and went into boxing.

Even after retiring from boxing, Mickey Rourke returned to acting. This time, he got roles in several high profile films, including The Rainmaker, Buffalo ’66 and Get Carter.

Mickey Rourke Damaged His Face Due to Boxing

However, his stint as a professional boxer has taken a toll on his face. It has resulted in a beaten down, strange looking, Mickey Rourke. A far cry from his dashing good looks that once rivalled that of James Dean.

Mickey Rourke Cosmetic surgery before and after

Photo Credits: KAT Splash News

Well, we will never know if his claimed neurological damage had anything to do with his plastic surgery procedures. But boxing has undeniably brought him broken noses and a compressed cheekbone. He acknowledges that most of the plastic surgeries he went through were the result of his decision to go into boxing.

Mickey Rourke Admits He Went To Wrong Doctor

In fact, he felt that he just went to the wrong doctor.

In 2009, he told The Daily Mail “I had to have cartilage taken from my ear to rebuild my nose and a couple of operations to scrape out the cartilage because the scar tissue wasn’t healing properly. That was one of the most painful operations.Most of it was to mend the mess of my face because of the boxing, but I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together.”

Mickey Talks about his encounter with Muhammad Ali recently:

Compare that to a much younger Mickey Rourke in a movie intro below:

Things seemed to have turned around in 2005 when he starred in Domino, looking like the tough guy he’s supposed to. But recent years had tongues wagging that he might be addicted to plastic surgery. So was plastic surgery an addiction or a necessity to Mickey Rourke now?

Some observers say that Mickey might be “hooked” on plastic surgery. And most of the time, when Mickey looks into the mirror, he does not like what he sees.

How Would Mickey Rourke Look Like Without Boxing?

Well, not that we like what we see now of Mickey. But surely he still retains that tough look. But when you see those puffy lips and artificial looking nose, you cannot help but wonder how it would have been if Mickey did not choose boxing and went on the path to superstardom…aging gracefully.

There are just too many changes to Mickey Rourke that we cannot say its not for vanity. His nose seems so much bigger and lips so much puffier than his younger days.

What’s your take on Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery?