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Jung Chae Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jung Chae Yeon Undergo Plastic Surgery?

DIA’s member Jung Chae Yeon has admitted having plastic surgery. After about a year long speculation about her nose shape, finally things came to light about Jung Chae Yeon’s rhinoplasty procedure. She revealed the news on MBC Everyone’s Video Star on July 12. Things seem to have gathered momentum after Feb 2016. Netizens suspected her amazing transformation from her younger days to a beauty now as an impossible feat.

Jung Chae Yeon plastic surgery before and after photos

In her before photos, Jung Chae Yeon has a flatter nose. She looked like an ordinary girl and had very little resemblance to who she is now. After the surgery, it is obvious that her nose is sharper and her nose bridge is narrower and more obvious. During the show on July 12, the hosts showed old photos of Jung, which are drastically different from Jung Chae Yeon now.

Jung Chae Yeon Double eyelid surgery

Another thing to note was that Jung Chae Yeon was overweight in some of the photos. She admitted, saying “I was obese then. From 64 kilograms, I’m now 48 kilograms.” It is unlikely that the weight reduction was due to liposuction as she was at such a young age then. But the drastic weight loss is testament to her never give up attitude.

Watch a video of Jung Chae Yeon below in Happy Together Interview:

Compare that to a recent group interview involving Jung Chae Yeon below:

There were also rumors of Jung undergoing eyelid surgery to get her double eyelids done. However, Jung denied going for the surgery and said that her double eyelids surfaced naturally from middle school.

Jung Chae Yeon nose job

It is unthinkable that at such a young age of 19, Jung has already undergone a major rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. Such surgery requires tremendous courage and an inner drive to make a change. But the change for Jung was a good one as the procedure transformed her looks tremendously.

Her plastic surgeon seemed to have performed magic on her face to create such a beauty. Certainly, Jung’s positive experience with plastic surgery would have given new hope for others who want to look better in life. Just a nose job and add on a set of natural double eyelids can convert a normal looking girl to a beautiful swan. What do you think of Jung Chae Yeon plastic surgery rumors?