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Joy Philbin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Joy Philbin Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Joy Philbin, the wife of one of the most famous personality of all time, Regis Philbin, is often the subject of plastic surgery gossip. Her decades long marriage is the admiration of many people in the entertainment circle, so is her ability to keep herself looking young and fresh. To many, her everlasting beauty at age 75 is an incredible feat. Perhaps due to some jealous souls, plastic surgery rumors started circling around the internet in recent years. Some of the suspected plastic surgery procedures include facelift, botox and facial fillers.

Photo Credit: (left)Frazer Harrison Getty Images, (right) Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left)Frazer Harrison Getty Images, (right) Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

Joy Philbin’s profile has always been in the shadows of her husband Regis Philbin. Some of her prominent roles in entertainment include being the co-host of the show Live With Regis and Kathie Lee from 1988 to 2000. She also played bit role as a guest star in the television series Hope & Faith. She has maintained a wonderful lifestyle throughout the years and it is no wonder that she would want to look good at even an advanced age today.

Watch Joy Philbin guest hosting a show with her husband Regis Philbin years ago in the short video below :

Compare that to a recent appearance of Joy with her husband Regis answering questions:

Joy Philbin and Facelift Rumors

They say behind every successful man there is a lady. In the case of Regis Philbin, it seems that a beautiful and ageless lady is always by his side. Some netizens and fans link Joy Philbin’s lack of facial wrinkles to regular facelifts. Facelift is a popular solution sought by celebrities to stretch out the wrinkles or fine lines.

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Ltd Getty Images, (right) J Kempin Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Ltd Getty Images, (right) J Kempin Getty Images

Known to take years off the patient’s face, facelifts are no straightforward procedure. It requires attention to detail and requires substantial recovery time. If done too often, the facial skin will appear stretched and thin. It is not meant to be done multiple times though some celebrities overdo it.

For Joy Philbin, her face does not reflect that of a 75 year old. Her lack of facial wrinkles suggest a deliberate attempt was made to remove or hide them. Hiding the wrinkles is possible through thick makeup but it does not appear so in her case. There might be a facelift done along the way to result in her incredible look. However, Joy herself has never admitted to any.

Even if she did undergo a facelift, it was done well and not overdone.

Joy Philbin Facial Fillers and Botox Rumors

Botox, the favorite of many women to take some aging signs away, has become a mainstream plastic surgery. With its fast recovery time and short adminstration period, Botox is commonly requested by celebrities to reverse their aging signs such as saggy cheeks and wrinkled foreheads.

Photo Credit: (left) Sylvain Gaboury Getty Images, (right) John Lamparski Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Sylvain Gaboury Getty Images, (right) John Lamparski Getty Images

Facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are also used to fill up those saggy areas on the face. As a person age, the elasticity of the skin reduces and fillers will help to lift up the loose areas, reducing the effects of aging.

For Joy Philbin, some of her pictures show some lumpy appearance on her face. Her forehead looks smooth and stretched, suggesting botox has been used. In some of her pictures, her face look slightly unnatural and plasticky, which are signs of botox or facial fillers being used.

Overall, Joy Philbin has done well to look good despite crossing age 75. There is hardly a better example of a person above the age of 75 looking this good. And it is unlikely she achieved this by plastic surgery alone. Perhaps her healthy diet habits and exercise routines have contributed much too. Her toned arms suggest that she exercises regularly despite her age. Much respect has to be given for her dedication to looking young. What do you think of Joy Philbin plastic surgery rumors?