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Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Angelababy Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Angelababy, one of the most popular actresses in China and Hongkong, has moved to dispel rumors that she has undergone plastic surgery for the last 12 years. Some of her plastic surgery speculations include jaw reshaping, double eyelid surgery and a nose job. However, throughout the years, Angelababy has been steadfast in defending her declaration that she has never had plastic surgery.

We are in no position to pass any judgement if she has had plastic surgery. We can only examine the differences in her looks from earlier days to now. One cannot blame anyone to suspect Angelababy has had plastic surgery – because her before and after photos just look so different.

You got to check out these before and after photos before passing any judgment:

Angelababy plastic surgery before and after photos

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Lately, it has been reported that Angelababy is out to prove all her critics wrong. She underwent a preliminary medical examination to prove that no plastic surgery was performed on her. The reported event took place at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and was conducted in front of her lawyer and two notaries public in Beijing.

Watch Angelababy back in 2010:

Compare that to Angelababy’s recent appearance at a game show:

Verdict on Angelababy Plastic Surgery Rumors

Chinese plastic surgeon, Qi Zuoliang, was reported to conclude that Angelababy did not go under the knife at all as there were no signs of cut marks around her eyes and mouth. Contrary to popular belief, Qi added that her double eyelids were the result of “several layers of her own” eyelids. Wow, that is some serious revelation.

To maintain fairness during the examination, Angelababy did not apply any makeup. Qi, the plastic surgeon checked her forehead, nose, chin, cheekbones and apple cheeks. These are the areas where most plastic surgery speculations surface. Despite undergoing X rays, the Chinese Surgeon still could not find any evidence of plastic surgery performed.

Some say that it is unfair to compare Angelababy’s early pictures to her photos now. This is because there is the possibility of her facial features changing as she grew up. This can be true because there were instances of people not looking like their teenage self at all. Angelababy’s husband, Huang Xiaoming, defended her, saying “She’s been ugly in front of me. To be honest, everyone always says she had plastic surgery and that’s because they haven’t seen what she usually looks like. I’m not a fool. I know for sure she didn’t have plastic surgery.”

While Angelababy continue to capture the hearts of many hot blooded men, the plastic surgery rumors continue. The frenzy and discussions of Angelababy plastic surgery will never die down. Whether Angelababy underwent a chin surgery or not, it does not matter to her huge fanbase. All they want is for their idol Angelababy to look beautiful always. We choose to believe Angelababy that she has never undergone any plastic surgery. This is because the before and after effects can be achieved by clever use of makeup. What do you think of Angelababy plastic surgery rumors?