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Ana Cheri Before Implants and Plastic Surgery

Ana Cheri Before Plastic Surgery and Implants

Instagram stars are getting more and more attention from plastic surgery critics. From Anastasiya Kvitko to Jen Selter, instagram stars gather plastic surgery allegations from every post they make. For Ana Cheri, most of the attention is on her breast implants.

Who is Ana Cheri?

Ana Cheri did not start off as an instagram model. She started her career in modelling. One of the highlights in her career was being featured in Playboy magazine in 2015. She was the Playboy’s Top Cover model for 2015. She is also a model who has posed for Monster Energy, K&N Filters, Moskova Underware and Ultimate Armwrestling League.

Being a model, the pressure to look gorgeous in front to the camera is tremendous. Not only does Ana Cheri need to have great facial looks, she also needs to keep her breasts looking big and tight.

Ana Cheri and Boob Job Rumors

To be featured in ANY issue of Playboy magazine, a girl definitely needs to have overflowing sex appeal. In general, to have any sex appeal, having big boobs is a must.

Many women would go through the pain and hassle to get breast implants. The risk of having a botched job is nothing to these women. The end results of a successful boob job is too appealing to these women. But did Ana Cheri undergo a breast augmentation procedure? Did she need one?

Well, if you try and search around the internet for a photo of Ana Cheri with small boobs, its a pretty rare find.

Fact is, Ana Cheri is famous for her huge boobs. Any past photos of her as a “new model” are hard to find. However, we managed to discover some of her rare photos of years past. Check out those photos to see if she had any boob job done.

Bear in mind that when the “before” photos were taken, Ana Cheri was already aged 23. So, her boobs should have been fully developed naturally by then. Thus, we cannot exclude the possibility that the growth in her bust line is due to breast implants.

If you look closer at the after photos, her boobs seems unusually perky and round. Women with breast augmentation tend to have rounder and firmer boobs. The natural sag seems to be missing from Ana Cheri breasts.

Whether Ana Cheri had her breast implants or not, only she knows the truth. The only thing we can do is to follow her career and gasp in amazement the sudden growth of her boobs.